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  1. Hey everybody! I had a great party last night! It was great to see and hear Jeff & Skillz again. My girlfriend and I had a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the show. I wanted to share a bit of that with y'all, so I put the video up on Youtube. Unfortunately the sound quality of my phone isn't the best when there's soooo much bass, sorry for that. =) Anyway, here it is:
  2. @Nic61974 Thanks a lot! I'll do that! =)
  3. Great! Every once in a while you find a mashup that just fits perfectly, this is one of them. Here's another one I always liked. I think I posted this on here before, but can't remember when:
  4. This is probably nothing new for the most of you guys, but I thought I post it anyway, maybe some of you haven't seen it yet. =)
  5. @Nic61974 That's great, thank you! I'll try to introduce myself to him. Hope I get the chance.
  6. Only one Day left until Jeff does a Show in Düsseldorf, Germany. Can't wait for it! It's been more than 2 years since the last time I saw him & Skillz in Münster, Germany. I'm already startin' to get into Party-Mode. :D http://theattic-club.com/2013/09/18/grammy-award-winning-dj-jazzy-jeff-pres-by-the-atticted-wednesday-the-attic-ko-eins/
  7. Thanks for the schedule! I'll be there in Düsseldorf! =)
  8. http://youtu.be/ZwS14TiO7Pk Here it is!! Made me smile all over the face and brought me back to the good old days! :)
  9. what can I say that hasnt been said before? I got to admit I'm actually really impressed by this. and to be honest i think this is way better than anything we've heard from jaden, yet. they should really do something together. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - The next Generation. lol :)
  10. I thought it was great! Haven't had that much fun in a cinema for a while! It think I'm gonna watch it again in a week or so. :)
  11. that was great! loved every bit of it! :clap:
  12. Will just posted this on his facebook http://youtu.be/gpHrFpK7QWs
  13. damn, that was evil! you got me with that one! grrrrrr....... :D
  14. ok, this officially sucks... doesn't sound like MIB at all. =(
  15. this is just sad, I already had my hopes up for some new music from will :(
  16. I'd like to support this, too. When it comes to music I'm afraid my talents are somewhat... limited.^^ But I would be happy to help spreading the word. :)
  17. http://youtu.be/XZ7f3mYOY9Y Looks really good! Only 2 months left! :D
  18. I hope he gets well soon! =) The Will2k Single is still on my shelf, too. =)
  19. oO now its really starting to get real... can't believe it and can't freaking wait for it! Just the other day I was wondering why there is absolutely nothing on the calendar at djjazzyjeff.com. this could be the reason!
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