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  1. you can do it, man! and always remember, "mommy" and "daddy" will still love you even though they might not be together anymore.......
  2. me neither. this comes out of nowhere. It's very unlikely, I think.
  3. Just found this video on youtube by accident. I never would have thought those two songs would sound good together. http://youtu.be/N2wdxAYtIWY
  4. just listened to "Potnas" and realized the obvious: Jeff really NEEDS to be involved!
  5. This is going into the right direction! Also a nice choice that he performed "Brand New Funk". Is there a video of his performance somewhere?
  6. First and foremost DJ Jazzy Jeff Alicia Keys Jamie Foxx Pharrell Wyclef Jean Lauryn Hill
  7. I'd like to share this video in order to get into the right mood: http://youtu.be/KDJwyrjir-8 It's Big Willie Style baby! :D Let's just hope we're not getting our hopes up for nothing! But I have to admit, I wasn't this exited for quite a while concerning new music.
  8. I can't believe my own eyes... is this true??!! It's confirmed that Will is doing another album????!!! oO *running around in circles while throwing my hands up in the air and screaming* If this is true...wow, just wow.
  9. http://youtu.be/CHRkpWL09Dw http://youtu.be/MLFlCkf84gU Some of you probably know this already, but I thought I'd post it anyway. This was in 1999 on the german show "TV Total".
  10. to be honest, until you asked I didn't even know who darnell is. I just know about jeff (of course) and skillz, as for the other guys that were with them... no idea, sorry^^ =) and yes, the "there it is!" mix is sick! the whole show was quite an experience =)
  11. little me right at the beginning directly above jazzy's laptop^^ what a night!
  12. Jeff was in Germany yesterday and I was there (as you can see on my profile-pic). =) It was freaking awesome!! Damn, that man knows how to rock those turntables!
  13. Fav. Songs: Lost&Found, Chosen One, I wanna rock, Y´all know, Yes yes y´all, Can you feel me, Summertime, We won´t
  14. hmm, I´m not sure what to think about it, could be good, could be bad. but on the other hand, if it´s got will in it the chances are higher for it to be a good movie. we´ll see...
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0VV_jYZjBQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ6RKugZbjg Die Fantastischen Vier/German (The Fantastic Four) - since 1989
  16. Nice, I can´t wait for it! Somehow it has a back to the roots-feel to it. And when I think about it, a MIB movie without a soundtrack from Will? Now that would be strange. I´m gettin´ (jiggi wit´ it) my hopes up, this seems to go in a good direction for us fans so far.
  17. Anyone heard the new BEP song? It´s got samples from JJFP´s "I wanna rock" sorry for my bad english =)
  18. I´ve made a video on youtube to help spreading the word and convince Will to rap again: =)
  19. it´s still a few weeks until it comes out here in germany, but i´m curious about the movie. even though i also have no idea what it´s about^^ wait and see....
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