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  1. I think Work of Art is a dope track - think we get the vibe of the album now!
  2. I think it’s a great track, love the gospel choir. It has feeling and reminds me of the rain. Will is rapping like Lost & Found which I like, good skill with his lyrics. I’m expecting a massive performance at the BET awards. If anyone is going through something, this song is gonna get you through. I know Will has all these movies but there’s nothing like his music! This is gonna be huge!!!
  3. Jerry Bruckheimer says after the success at the box office over the weekend he will begin working on a Bad Boys 5 this week.
  4. Will be on Apple Music & Spotify tomorrow.
  5. This track is straight fire!! Love it! It has an old school/new school beat - Wills rapping is awesome and the chorus is catchy.
  6. I’ve preordered the soundtrack on Apple Music. Can’t wait to hear this new song!
  7. Hi Saniah - thanks for checking in. I hope you & your grandfather, Ready Rock C are doing well. He is a pivotal part of hip-hop history. Hopefully you can see each other soon.
  8. Well we have had nothing on that Will Smith phone number for a month so I am a little confused.. I'm hoping we find out more when Will starts promoting Bad Boys 4!
  9. It’s gonna be straight hip hop Jim but more modern hip hop like Joyner Lucas and the Will remix not old school hip hop. I’m curious what the tracks will sound like I’m thinking probably like the Will remix.
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