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    Hero1 reacted to fan 4ever in Will Smith Podcast on Spotify   
    Great! I just subscribed! 
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    Hero1 reacted to Ale in  ‘Fast & Loose’ - Will Smith To Star In David Leitch’s Upcoming Memory-Loss Thriller   
    Netflix Acquires ‘Fast & Loose’
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Ale in the website is back... and updated   
    After 16 years I'm finally updating the JJFP website. Check out http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com for the new look and stay tuned for updates. I'm gonna bring the traffic back to this website and I'm gonna start pumping out new content.
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    Hero1 got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in Jazzy Jeff Block Party Mixtape from 1993   
    This is one of the great discoveries I ever made. One of Jeff's best mixtapes.
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    Hero1 got a reaction from dparrott in I remade a House Of Pain song   
    Nice man.. I love Everlast - there's something about his delivery that really hits hard.
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Big Willie in Thoughts on Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion Special   
    Yes  - was great to see Ross Bagley make an appearance!
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    Hero1 reacted to Big Willie in Thoughts on Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion Special   
    Incredible. Uncle Phil tribute, Janet reconciliation, Ross Bagley showing up, it was everything it needed to be. I quite like that it was an intimate setting for the cast, made it feel more like a reunion than a documentary. Loved it. 
    My allergies kept playing up though, which was annoying ;) 
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    Hero1 reacted to KevTastic in Forum updated!   
    Looking Fly
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    Hero1 reacted to the magnificent in Forum updated!   
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Lerkot in JJFP on Instagram Live Wed 8PM EST   
    JJFP are appearing on instagram live - charlie mack's instagram this wednesday 8PM US EST (New York time) don't miss it! you can join at @charliemackfirstout 
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    Hero1 got a reaction from Lerkot in JJFP on Instagram Live Wed 8PM EST   
    This was seriously one of my fav things. The first time JJFP have been live on social media like that. The story of Charlie Mack breaking Jeffs hand before a show was crazy!
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    Hero1 reacted to Lerkot in A decade of music   
    I doubt there will be any more full length albums but I do hope we get at least a bit more in the 2020s.

    Also, some of these tracks, like Get Lit (truly awful) are facepalm levels of bad while the latino ****, personally, dont really do it for me. I'd swap all the music the last ten years for one good, Jeff-produced FP track.
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    Hero1 reacted to DevilsJim89 in JJ&FP Rehearsing From The South for the 2017 Concert   
    I also saw that BNF performance and wanted to download it but it was gone real quick. I don't understand why Will or his people are so secretive about these things. Isn't some of his people JL and Omar too? I just dont get it. 

    I couldn't give two craps about Will's movies but when it comes to music please give me as much as possible! Lol
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    Hero1 reacted to Schnazz in JJ&FP Rehearsing From The South for the 2017 Concert   
    Will just posted this, a rehearsal for their 2017 concert.  Excellent.
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    Hero1 reacted to fan 4ever in 'Aladdin' - Will as Genie   
    Just saw Aladdin. Same story as Tim. Full house, all ages. A lot of positive talk about Will. Even some applause at the end which never happens in Belgium. I liked it. Loved the end credits hearing the new version of Friend Like Me.
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    Hero1 reacted to MaxFly in 'Aladdin' - Will as Genie   
    Ain't this the truth. It sounds like many of the critics went in looking to hate it, and surprise, surprise, found things to hate. Most off the criticism centered on "Why was this even made? Can't people just enjoy the one made 27 years ago?" The criticisms are also quite disparate. Some critics hated it because they viewed it as unnecessary a "scene by scene" remake of the original... it wasn't. Others hated it because too many things were changed and some of their supposed favorite parts from the original didn't make it into the live action version. Those two criticisms are mutually exclusive; this particular story can't be too similar and too different at the same time. The good thing is that I've noticed that some of those who have seen it and like it have called out the critics for some of this non-sense. Not to dismiss anyone's criticisms, but some of the bashing really is non-sense, and I'm glad to see that movie goers are smarter than what the critics give them credit for.
    It's shaping up to be a big year for Will.
  17. Love
    Hero1 reacted to Big Willie in 'Aladdin' - Will as Genie   
    94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes too. 
    This and Bright are proof of how critics are extremely detached from what the consumer actually wants from the film industry and Hollywood. Wills career is beginning to thrive again. He has the calibre to win an Oscar, but his forte is in the action, sci-fi, comedic roles. Im glad to see him returning to those genres. 
    Spies in Disguise looks like it’s gonna be a fun one for the family and Gemini Man looks dope as anything we’ve seen him do. Then of course Bad Boys for Life. It’s a very good time to be a Will Smith fan right now. 
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    Hero1 reacted to eagle1 in Will Smith to record new music for 'Aladdin'!   
    Loved the movie (for will smiths parts anyways) love that track, loved his vocals during the movie, it all just worked! So stoked!!!
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    Hero1 reacted to Da Brakes in 'Aladdin' - Will as Genie   
    It was phenomenal...  i absolutely loved it..  Aladdin, Lion King and The Little Mermaid are my favourite Disney films so I was so happy to see a live action remake of of 2/3.  I think it was done perfectly and I loved the new twist they added...  Like Rebirth said its feeling very nostalgic for us Will Smith fans at the moment.
  20. Love
    Hero1 reacted to JumpinJack AJ in Will Smith to record new music for 'Aladdin'!   
    Yes! This is perfect for the end credits. DJ Khaled is mad annoying, so I'm glad that he definitely took a back seat on this.  The music definitely has a late 90's/early 2000's feel to it.  The way he says "never had a friend like me" feels like he borrowed from 2Pac's "Never Had A Friend Like Me." I get the feeling his going to let Aladdin be a vehicle to finally get his own music out.
  21. Haha
    Hero1 reacted to Ale in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    I've just found out that the name of the uploader, Nancy Thompson, is the name of the fictional character in the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' franchise (originally played by actress Heather Langenkamp).
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    Hero1 reacted to Nancy Thompson in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    Happy halloween!  Here's the whole video:
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    Hero1 reacted to fan 4ever in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    Love this video! So dope! 
    Major thanks for uploading it!
  24. Love
    Hero1 reacted to JumpinJack AJ in First ever look at Nightmare on my street video!   
    I can't believe this day has come.  Like, I'm speechless.  Honestly.
    I love the video. It's strange, but I feel like a lot of the things I always imagined about it were actually in the video.  Can you imagine how HUGE this would have been in 1988!?
    Nancy, who on earth are you, other than an angel that has played a role in answering our prayers?  This appears to be from a promo tape. I've heard that the video never aired, but I've also hear that it aired once. Based on the beginning of the video, this definitely looks like it was off of a promo VHS tape? Were you with Jive or part of the team that worked on the video?
    Man, I wish there was a master copy that wasn't victim to VCR tracking and deteriorated tape. The lighting in this looks incredible. The reactions and expressions in this video that are blurred are likely comedic gold.
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    Hero1 reacted to KevTastic in Jazzy Jeff Australian Tour   
    Good Stuff Man, Awesome you'll get to catch up with Jeff again. Tim Martin will be over there by then as well, so will have to let him know.
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