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Waiting for Party Starter Video

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Tell me why is as good if not better than jesus walks

Im sorry but "Tell Me Why" is not better than "Jesus Walks"

ur right it's not better, it's way better.

:iagree: I just used it as an example since it's the closest song to "Tell Me Why" but Will kills "Tell Me Why" much more, he really poured his heart and soul into that song, this is the song that I think could turn the album around, I actually don't mind if "Party Starter" never comes out 'cause summer's ending now and we need some food for thought, I'm more hyped for "Tell Me Why" than anything, Will's released so many club tracks before so "Party Starter" ain't necessary, it won't push sales that much, I think "Tell Me Why" is the type of track that would display Will's versatility as an mc the best and I see the album making a miraculous jump back to the top 40 with this one, this could touch many people.

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24 hours ago I sent mails to seven different record companies (I was testing their ability to speak to the fans). Three have answered, Interscope is not one of them.

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