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    what did skillz give you the mic for? I was standin at the front and rappin along with every song Jeff was playin so he kept handin me the mic to rap over it properly. :jazzy:
  2. Perry


    Everybody here has known since they were old enough to button they're own shirts that the worlds a cruel and cold place. Everybody lookin' out for themselves and sometimes when it seems there's no hope in the world along come some people who by name would fit into terrible stereotypes, and makes us smile with that little glimmer of hope that maybe when I get in trouble, there could be someone there to catch me. And whilst I'm keeping that hope I'll continue catching whoever falls in reach.
  3. Perry


    Method Man feat Luda ? If you hang on until tomorrow I'll hook you up. I also have Holla Back I seen people askin for it, I'll take care of that tomorrow too.
  4. Perry

    rap/rock jam

    Just be cool. Don't get nervous or you'll loose your rythm. Aside from that you should flow nice and easy. Enjoy yourself and let us know.
  5. Thank God somebody said it..
  6. Perry

    are you out of your mind kid?

    You know when you get to his age, writin hip hop albums has gotta take it toll on you, then he has to promote and do gigs. Of course we'd all love to see more from Will, but we have had a very good innings don't forgot. Or we could stop listening to every little two lined article written on the interweb.
  7. Perry

    50 cent: hip hop is dead

    Haha, that's the funniest thing in hop hop for years. I'm not a Nas fan by any standard, but I heard the Hip Hop is Dead track the other day and was very impressed, it might make me pick up my first Nas album. Back on topic though, I think 'fiddy' believes he is the be all and end all of all hip hop. He's made it and has thousands of people who never knew hip hop until him and Em thinking they're livin the lifestyle and **** tryin to talk all gangsta. As much as it hurts me that Hip Hop pretty much is dead, I do find fiddys fans absolutely hilarious when you talk to em.
  8. Ask him about the current state of hip hop. Will you be able to record it and get it up here ?
  9. Perry

    Still Unsigned...The Mixtape

    I'm just saying it makes me wish I was still making tracks, and working on projects all the time.
  10. Perry

    Rap Industry Doom And Gloom

    I know I'm dissatissfied with the current state of hip hop, and it has definately lowered the amount I buy. Now there's probably 10 albums a year I'll actually get excited about enough to go out and buy it on release day. Aside from that I'm pretty much looking through back catalogues in shops for an old gem. How many albums you've bought in the last couple years have been by artists that haven't been in the game for years ?
  11. Perry

    Still Unsigned...The Mixtape

    Only heard the beginnin.. Makes me question my decision to hold on producin whilst I'm exploring other instruments and forms of music.
  12. Perry


    I saw him at the liverpool gig of the same tour. It was absolutely classic Jeff. Skillz gave me the mic 3 times, the last one Jeff nodded him to as he started mixing Summertime.
  13. Perry

    JJFP.com Podcast

    Lmao, weather it's a good thing or not my accent is about as Scouse as they come. Very.. very broad. I never notice it until talking to someone from outside Liverpool.
  14. Perry

    Will Smith and Jamie Foxx together!

    I agree.. I think.. My head hurt's.
  15. Perry

    Will Smith and Kanye West

    Kanye is far too overrated both as a producer and an emcee.
  16. Perry

    Will Smith and Jamie Foxx together!

    Heh, yeah but Foxx was more a supporting character in Ali, it'd be a differant movie chemistry alongside :p
  17. Perry

    JJFP.com Podcast

    I got a library of music from Crystal Clear Entertainment you guys can play if you like, always good for promotion too. I could do reviews of Jeff shows and stuff whilst I'm there like at Creamfields. it all depends on what I'm doing but if I say I'll do something it's done.
  18. Perry

    Jeff to Jazz up Scousers

    Wouldn't have it any other way :1-say-yes:
  19. Perry

    Will Smith and Jamie Foxx together!

    Yeah Will and Foxx should bring some raw chemistry.
  20. Perry

    Have you heard?

    The original poster was from NJ. I guess we've got a good couple of months before it hit's the UK as a single. There's a couple other tracks I would rather make it as a single, but I guess the club route worked for Switch it's still gettin' play over here.
  21. Perry

    Jeff to Jazz up Scousers

    Yup, that was me. I been busy man I party.. I mean work a lot. ;)
  22. Perry

    Jeff to Jazz up Scousers

    Even though I hardly post here enough for people to know who I am that was me, not some random Guest :p
  23. Perry

    Jeff on the radio

    http://www.whatson.com/kiss/ click Jeff under the homelands sections on the left.
  24. Perry

    Eminems Dead!

    I didn't read the whole thread but come on let's face it Will never 'killed Em'. He killed him on a real level not a rap level. He called him out saying I don't give a **** what you say basically, letting the fans know he ain't scared of nobody, yet at the same time never brought himself down to Em's level by calling him out cursing and dissing for no reason. But I gotta say 'All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put they're career's together again' was sweet. EDIT : Haha I'm sorry but to say on a lyrical level Will is better than Eminem is plain gullability. Eminem is quite possibly the most talented known lyracist on the planet right now. I don't listen to him and yes he chose to use that talent for bitchin about pop stars which I don't respect but hey just because you don't respect someone dosen't mean they ain't talented. Hitler may have been one of the sickest cats on the planet but that dosen't mean he wasn't a great war leader to many people.
  25. Perry

    Who's not downloading the album?

    I'll admit I've downloaded but I've pre-ordered. Will ain't loosin' out on anythin' with me. I don't see why I should wait any longer to listen to it I've paid for it. Besides I'm only gonna copy my original anyway so it dosen't get scratched. I had to buy 3 copies of Willenium because of that.