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  1. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Brakes

    :wave2: Happy birthdayyy!!!!!! :clap:
  2. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Romano

    Happy birthday!!!!!!:clap:
  3. Sandy

    Official Facebook

    And me!:-( And he has now more than 4 million facebook fans. No wonder his page is one of the most popular.
  4. Sandy

    Happy B-Day Julie!

    Happy birthday Julie!!!!!! Hope you have a great one!
  5. Sandy

    Web sites you usually visit?

    Of course!! :wave2:
  6. Sandy

    Web sites you usually visit?

    My internet pages: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/ www.facebook.com (I'm addicted too ;-)) www.hotmail.es www.google.com www.youtube.com http://www.publispain.com/foros/ ( I get the latest news from artists I like in these fan forums) http://www.mariahdaily.com/news.shtml http://es.beruby.com/promocode/ucvXuu ( I get paid using it) http://new.music.yahoo.com/launchcast/ http://www.ucm.es/ ( my university site) www.tuenti.com (just because some friends don't wanna get a facebook account lol)
  7. Sandy

    Da Brakes - Clean But Still Street

    I've been tryin' to download it but everytime I try I get this : 'Sorry, the free service is at full capacity' :mmph:
  8. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Silver Tiger!

    Happy Birthday!!! :clap:
  9. Sandy

    will in beijing

    For me either.
  10. Sandy


    He looked better in I am legend than this. Here he looks tired and I'm afraid that under the T-shirt there's a little 'belly-beer' lol
  11. Sandy

    What DVD, books,... do you have ?

    DVD's. BAd Boys Bad BOys II MIB MIIB Enemy of the State Ali I, Robot Shark Tale Hitch The pursuit of Happyness I am Legend Hancock All DVD's except ALI and Enemy of the State, are special 2 discs editions. VHS Will Smith Video Collection ID4 ( special edition with altenative ending) CD's Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince greatests hits and all Will Smith's albums. And I have a 1999 Will Smith calendar! lol
  12. Sandy

    What Are You Listening To? XVIII

    Gotham City - R Kelly
  13. Sandy


    Have you found the episodes online? I wanna see it. P.S: The Smith's will travel to China today lol
  14. Sandy

    Michael Jackson Dies At 50

    Ohhh how sad to see this. That song is one of my favouritea. He looked great in the rehearsal, he seemed very energetic... I even see him better than in that show he did in NY some years ago with his borthers and other singers.
  15. Sandy

    Vibe Magazine To Close Down Immediately

    * 2 July 2009 * NME Radio: * NME News Quincy Jones to save Vibe magazine? Legendary producer is upset that the publication he created is to close Quincy Jones has vowed to buy back Vibe magazine, after its closure was announced yesterday (June 30). The legendary producer originally set up the US hip-hop and R&B title in 1993. Though ownership rights were purchased by Wicks Media Group in 2006, the producer say he won't let the magazine cease. "I'm trying to buy my magazine back now," he told Ebonyjet. "They just messed my magazine all up, but I’m gonna get it back. You better believe it, I'm'a take it online because print and all that stuff is over." The man behind Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album added that he plans to take the publication online, because it is more profitable than print. "We gotta get into the 21st century you know," Jones said. "Print and all that stuff is over, we gotta remember that. They're over the same way as the record business. We have got to get into this century." http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/45796
  16. Sandy


    Ave Maria is on her current album lol. And her performance was exactly the same she does in her 'I am...Tour. (very weird) :boggled:
  17. Sandy

    30 Years since the Sony Walkman

    And when you thought you had it and the dj started talking in the middle of the song!!
  18. Sandy

    30 Years since the Sony Walkman

    lol that thing was big! This reminds me when I recorded songs from the radio in my cassette tapes and play them on my walkman, I was the whole day pressing the rewind and play buttons.
  19. Sandy

    Michael Jackson Dies At 50

    I can't believe it. I was going to turn off tv to go to sleep and suddenly I see the breaking news. So shocking. R.I.P KING of POP.
  20. Sandy


    I love this man :blush:
  21. And another possible tittle: If Thats What Make U Happy-
  22. I think she's talking about Eminem.
  23. Sandy

    Jamie Foxx is one lucky guy!

    I saw the pics from this some days ago. And his hands and her hands were in very inapropiate parts lol I think is too much, they're not working in a movie scene acting, and I don't know about him but she has a boyfriend, wonder what he thought when he saw this...
  24. Sandy

    Do you remember?

    Thanks Romano! Always good to see this again ;-)
  25. Sandy

    Will Smith Rumoured Upcoming Movies

    That's a long list! and he's still on 'vacation' I remember when he said he'd be 5 or 6 month off and it's been a year!!! lol I guess he'll start working when Jaden finish his 'Karate Kid' movie. I want to see 'The last Pharaoh' next too.