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  1. Same happens to me...and then he does something that I love and start loving him again. But I'm getting tired of his kids.
  2. He's great. For things like that I can't stop being a fan of his lol
  3. I just saw it on Facebook. At first I thought it was a fan made video because Will looks like in 1997 MIB lol This is so cool!! but we have to wait 2 years :-(
  4. I've always thought they could have at least one more kid :laugh:
  5. Ooohhh.. she's filming for her new music video called 'Rockstar'! So now we'll have to follow Willow's music career too! God.. :laugh: She must be a huge fan of Rihanna. Same hair, a single with the same name... I have nothing against the kids but I want to see their dad work!!! And I think Jaden is the one who will have a succesfull career. Willow...I don' know...
  6. I have to say I like the song. I'm surprised lol
  7. I thought that too. Let's hope we're wrong.
  8. Number 1 and 2 of the super power couples together... but the ladies aren't lookin their best lol
  9. Thanks!! What a nice family. There's a longer interview? or the one in the link Ale posted is the whole thing?
  10. Looks great! I hope someone uploads it to youtube.
  11. 2012??? I hope they make a great movie. I don't think Will makes another movie before MIB3, last December when they were in Norway Jada said she was the one working at that moment and that he will start in the fall.
  12. Happy BirthdAY!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. Good to hear you had a happy birthday, hehe. Happy birthday!!
  14. So they're filming it direct to 3D?
  15. What do u mean with "the same program", Sandy? That maybe Will's interview with the family was last friday.
  16. I think we all hope he finally tells us whats on his mind next!lol Sheree wrote on FB that she was at the Opra Show on friday with the whole family, maybe it's the same program. and Will's T-shirt is great!
  17. No, he doesn't. Grumpy Will ;-) Thanks for the pics and videos
  18. i don't know...there's nothing on his facebook...
  19. I say MIB3 but at this point whatever is better than nothing :hissyfit:
  20. I'd love to see this, Will & Denzel together. So...is it official MIB3 is next??
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