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  1. I think they're new, don't know... thanks!
  2. And Jada also said that if Will wanted to be president he'd have to divorce her first. They must be bored of money and fame and don't know what to do whith their lifes. I want him to make movies and music!!!! I don't understand why people who has nothing to do with politics want to be the president of a country!!
  3. He grew it back 'coz he was presenting the Nobel concert but I guess he doesn't want to dye his hair every 2 weeks lol So while he's not working he shaves it. He doesn't look that bad.
  4. I saw it this weekend in 2D, I liked the movie but I wasn't impressed, it must be better in 3D.
  5. Empire State of Mind part II- Alicia Keys
  6. I'm always complaining when somebody smokes next to me, I hate it!! Good for Pink to quit it. I think this year you can't smoke in some clubs in Spain anymore, that's great for me!!lol
  7. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope we have something more to talk in 2010! :-)
  8. Thanks Ale for ALL the videos and pics! When they're singing MAn in the Mirror at 4.06 Will,Willow and Jaden get too exited lol
  9. I want Will And Tommy to come back as J and K, They are the spirit of the movie. I just read in a spanish website that MIIIB starts shooting in March 2010. I don't know if it's true.
  10. And he is friend with Trey's mom too. I think is real, but who Knows.
  11. i've read somewhere that the Hancock similitaries are because she can't be with the person she loves or something like that, like in Hancock, but I don't like it much either. I'm dissapointed with the 2 first singles of this cd too. Hope it gets better with the album and sales 'cause I wanna see her in concert again.
  12. It's kind of ..."Hancock" hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8vBZejsn1M
  13. hahahahha I like Telephone better than video phone. Video phone is my least favourite song form Beyoncé's cd.
  14. These are two songs with beyoncé & lady gaga. Weird colaborations. Telephone Lady Gaga feat Beyoncé VIdeophone Beyoncé feat Lady Gaga
  15. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget about us when you get famous! :wave2:
  16. If I have to choose old tv shows it's easy, FPOBA and Friends!!!!!!! I've seen every episode of both one million times, even the specials with bloopers lol
  17. I have a problem.. I watch too many TV shows!!! lol I guess my favourite right now are House(loved the 1st episode of the new season), Lost and How I met your mother.
  18. Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! :bump2:
  19. He's always with Will, if you see older photos of premiees and awards you'll see him around. Or he works for him or they're very good friends.
  20. Yeahh! Thank God for 'Just for men' lol
  21. http://387bf187.ugalleries.net Have you heard her new song??
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