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  1. She's a pretty little girl. Thanks for the video but where are her parents? I hope Jada was there.
  2. I was expecting something like Hannah Montana's songs, this is better and she is only 9!! the "I whip my hair back and forth" is a little bit annoying but I like it.
  3. lol did you think Jada's hair is always real??
  4. Just saw the whole show. I just have to love them all lol Jaden rap is not bad for a 12 years old kid.
  5. Willow is always next to Jackie. How cute.
  6. Neither I but I think she's cute. Jaden is been always my favourite Smith Kid thou and I think he's the one who has the potencial to have a long succesful career. Willow is just 9 years old, I guess she just wants to do what her big brother does like most baby sisters & brothers lol
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great one!
  8. Norway too?? This is a BIG promotion.
  9. Yeah, I know! But people is more interested on Will. Karate Kid is Will Smith's son movie and not Jaden's movie. At least in the spanish premiere it was obvious that most people were waiting for him and Jackie, and they knew Jaden because he is in the movie but nobody knew who Jada or Willow were (they didn't signed anything like in other premieres, just walked the red carpet like any other guest and posed for pictures with Will)
  10. Thanks Ale for all the videos and pictures ;-) I could see them in person and got Jaden's autograph.
  11. Thanks a lot Julie. I can't watch the video from the BBC site. BIG thanks!!
  12. I agree with Julie. Vampires are everywhere these days
  13. Will & Jada Smith Offered Starring Roles In Broadway Revival Of “A Streetcar Named Desire” Say what? That’s right… The New York Post is reporting that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been approached to play Stanley and Stella Kowalski, in a Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams’ landmark, Pulitzer Prize-winning play, A Streetcar Named Desire, which is set to open early next year. The deal is far from done, but the Smiths are said to be “giving it some thought.” However, even if they don’t do A Streetcar Named Desire, there’s still a strong chance that we’ll be seeing them on stage soon, because the Post does say that the couple is looking for a play to star in, given all the Broadway exposure they’ve both had in the last year, from signing on to “produce” the acclaimed Fela!, supporting Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in Fences, attending the Tony Awards, and more. They’ve got Broadway fever! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0044081/news#ni3339432 p.s: sorry for the "brodway". I forgot the "a" lol
  14. They could come to premire the movie in Madrid. I don't have nothing interesting to do... :laugh: Edit: they're coming next week lol
  15. What movie? She's talking about 'Hawthorne'.. He doesn't know what he says... still thinking in her legs lol
  16. Who said Spain was about to go home???? :laugh: A por ellos oeeeeeee a por ellos oeeeeee lol
  17. she was so cute with the long hair with braids...
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