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  1. IT'S HORRIBLE THAT TODAY I HAVE REASONS TO POST HERE. WE have lived today the biggestattack in spain. I still can't believe it. Group terrorist ETA have killed today so many persons....almost 200 people is been killed and aroun 1000 are injured. There were 13 bombs ready to explote in 3 trains, in the most importatn train station of Madrid. 10 of the bombs have exploted at 7:00 am( rush hour) when everybody go to their jobs, kids go to teh school, people go to the universities, lot of students, workers, babies.... it's sooo horrible... I live here, and i'm so nervous. One of the trains, with the biggest number of dead people it's the same train i took everyday to go to college and to come back home. I have to take those trains everyday, I don't know how i'm gonna be able to take a train 2morrow or when it works , i'm bit afraid. i'm just hearin that a woman who was pregnant have died, you can see here today on TV people crying, dead bodies....it's soooo horrible... :tear: how can somebody be able to kill like that?????? when i saw on Tv all what happened 11-S it was horrible but it was soo far from here that i coulnd't imagine how people could felt, now I know.. PEACE!!!PAZ!!!! ASESINOS!!!!!!
  2. this is a great idea!!! We can know one each other a lot more. I'd try to help in everythin I can :peace:
  3. -Sandra -Spanish -studying 2nd year of Pshycology at university -more about me: I love r&b, hip-hop..and i'm tired of not hear alot of that in my country. oh I think I've never told you guys that i have a dog called Boomer( like the dog in ID4!! :rolleyes: )... I learn a lot of new english words and a lot of music from you, thanks!! As willreing I'm a fan of Will because first of all I love the way he is like person, so different from most of hollywood stars...then I like him 'coz he's very talented in everything he does.
  4. here are mine: -Bad Boys -Bad Boys 2 -MIB -MIIB -Enemy of the state - Ali (his acting was great, he really deserved to win the oscar more than Denzel 4 training day)
  5. oh I miss the old board :sadwavey: !!!this is nice and I'm ok with the colours but I'm gonna miss the other one. And I'm gonna have problems toknow who is who if people change their nicks :rolleyes: Anyway, good job Tim!!
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