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  1. Man you be taking shots left and right... Jay said it best... "I hear you debatin me lately, ive been doin my best to stay hater-free Still watch what you say to me! Sooner or later ill take you up on your offer and put you all in your place like im replacing your father..." :wickedwisdom:
  2. So..... Barack Obama came to Penn State University today and spoke outside Old Main (the center building, and first building on campus). There was some 22,000 on hand it was cool....and a record at penn state for a rally! I personally am leaning more towards McCain right now, but I have been split for awhile between Obama and McCain. Anyway, after a wait forever, he came on stage and as he always does, delivered a very good campaign speech. It was awesome being there. Now the FUN PART. He acknowledged me..... during his speech. Here's what happened: He stated, "And let me make it clear, I respect and admire John McCain's service to this great country," to which I began clapping. Except I was the ONLY ONE CLAPPING. I got looks, sneers, giggles...but I kept clapping. Now you don't have to be a McCain supporter to respect a war veteran. So Obama stopped...paused...and said..: "No, that IS something to admire and respect, the service to our country by our troops." THEN PEOPLE JOINED IN WITH THE CLAPPING. So yes, all in all it was a good day. I have a bunch of pictures I am going to try to find an upload site to get over here, but it was awesome. I can't wait for McCain and Obama to have some of the most spirited debates.
  3. I agree! ha thanks! :gettinjiggywitit: You would win hands down!!! He's got great presence. And he had a sense of humor talking about kissing babies... He did reference Chris Rock in Head of State....he started doing "That Aint Right" to a round of applause!
  4. Do you realize he lead campaign finance reform...he fought big tobacco companies...he fought corporate interests...he fought the guantanamo torture... McCain is more than qualified as a president...and someone who once was considered by John Kerry as a potential running mate....McCain almost became a Democrat. John McCain and Barack Obama are two very different, but two very qualified candidates. The one thing I get very upset with is the "mob mentality" that just because you like one individual, his/her opponents must be scum. That's rarely true. Hillary Clinton is a respectable person. Now I do take issue with her adversarial nature in debates and general campaign stumps, but she is still a very experienced individual. What I'm trying to say is ALL 3 Candidates are worthy of of the presidential office and that I can disagree with you on an opinion or issue, but I can't dismiss your choice for president just because I have a different set of views. This election needs a tone down of the ignorance of supporters who go and dismiss other candidates. I hate gutter politics.
  5. Bob

    Question for Iron Bodies...

    well, you know he must be quite a busy guy....
  6. Bob

    just to throw it out there

  7. Bob

    born to reign

    you know, alot of the criticism is the fact he went away from mainstream production on the records. it was all inhouse and unfortunately not jazzy in house. by the way, i've been meaning to ask this....do we have a list of who produced what for will? Wikipedia for artists with albums out now has all kinds of info but even Lost and Found doesnt have info on there about who produced what...
  8. Bob

    Lil wayne- Lollipop video..

    :paperbag: NEVER AGAIN :paperbag:
  9. the capitalization in the title is all over the place...it has to be a best buy employee playing a prank
  10. Bob

    Dissing Will Smith

    You know the credit shark business makes billions in annual revenue? You know Putin has done very un-democratic things in Russia recently? Even in the face of this, there are many influential people who respond to these 'bad' things and are respected for it. All 3 presidential candidates just lambasted Russia for the recent events. One of them will have to deal with that reality come this time next year. But they said what needed to be said. And any response to them has been laughable. Will did the same. He stood up, in the face of people attacking his credibility, for a less controversial, less 'cool' thing, which is thinking before saying something. And this type of response by Dr. Dre is...laughable. If Dr. Dre can present facts as to why gangsta rap is just as morally justifiable as clean hip hop, then I'll listen. The fact is though, he has no intent to do so. Gangsta rappers make a case that their world is worth reflecting on. YES, I agree. But reflect with wish to change....aka....Rakim, Nas, KRS-One. Don't reflect to embrace. And guys like 50 cent, who dre whole-heartedly supports, embrace the negativity he lived through. That is gangsta rap and something that has yet to hold weight in debate as to why it is in any way worth the listen of others. Just because it is profitable, doesn't make it a good thing. Just because its your right, doesn't make it the right thing to do.
  11. Bob

    Dissing Will Smith

    I think this was addressed before, but do we know what song it was or possibly have it on this forum?
  12. I really suggest watching his whole standup show, I got ahold of it 2 years ago... I'm kinda a standup guru ....here's my list of top standup acts, ever: 1. Robin Williams, Live at the Met 1986 2. Steve Martin, Universal Ampitheatre 1979 3. Jim Carrey, Unnatural Act 1991 4. Robin Williams, Live on Broadway 2002 5. Lewis Black, Black on Broadway 2003 6. Chris Rock, Never Scared 2003 7. Richard Pryor, Richard Pryor: Live in Concert 1979 8. Bill Cosby, Himself 1983 9. Mitch Hedberg, Live Congress Theatre, Chicago (Last performance before his death) 2004 ya, I know, Chris Rock before Pryor...what can I say....
  13. THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING THING POSTED HERE SINCE I'VE JOINED THIS SITE I couldn't even watch her talking with rosie, i get soo annoyed by people who ramble...but the whole thing with will WAS CLASSIC. I do think the girl played it up a little for tv so either she: 1. IS PSYCHO or 2. Amazing at embellishing regardless this video is amazing. and my question to all, which one is she on willsmith.com?? lol
  14. Bob

    JJFP / Will Smith Acapella's?

    On that too...what instrumentals are out there? With the instrumentals only and the original song, you can invert the track and get pure vocals.... So either would be awesome!!! (Spring break starts tomorrow night...and I'm feeling some mixing of my own.. It's my first break from everything for quite some time.)
  15. well considering i expected it to be crappy when i heard the idea behind the alternate ending...i think they did a really good job in it.
  16. Bob

    North Illinois University

    Penn State's student newspaper decided that a 30 person LGBTA makeout session for valentines day was much more important to have the front and center article than the little insert from the Associated Press regarding the deadly shootings. I think it's disturbing how people can forget so quick.
  17. Bob


    Arlen Specter may be the first Senator to be MVP of the NFL. :-)
  18. Bob

    Happy Birthday Mr TIM

    Belated wishes still count. Happy birthday!
  19. Bob


    I just felt like letting this topic show up again under most recent posts. It feels good to see it now. All football season it stung. But hey, let's just have this topic refresh itself every few weeks. To be as obnoxious as it was back when it was painful for all the non-pat's fans. :-)
  20. Bob

    The writer's strike is over!

    The strike allowed for some unbelievable late night shows though. Anyone see Colbert vs Stewart vs Conan fight last week??????? Three shows, they all appeared together fighting. IT was awesome!
  21. Bob

    Scientology gets bel air'd

    Anonymous better be careful because DNS attacks can be punishable. Scientologists have also had some strong lawyers do their bidding recently. An extension of Anonymous has come onto my school's campus promoting an event where they will attack Scientology in like a forum setting.
  22. Bob

    DJ Khaled..

    I have a hard time believing he is talented, mainly because every song on his "We The Best" album was not produced by him. So he didn't rap or produce HIS album. And the whole mixtape thing still means nothing. Kay Slay does beats. Khaled didn't.
  23. Bob


  24. Nas, Common, or Talib were my votes for best album. Anway, southside got some recognition!