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  1. That was awesome. It was number 1 in Australia here and is still massive. Everyone knows the lyrics.
  2. She seems slightly unhinged but I did find the interview quite interesting. Also when she talks about Will's acting I think she's spot on! Janet Hubert is an infinitely better actor than Will that's just a fact.
  3. Collateral Beauty

    Marley & Me and Devil Wears Prada were good successful movies. Ed Norton is a fantastic actor, he doesn't join this project unless he thinks it's going to be pretty good. As far as box office I don't think it does more than 50 million in the US but I think it has a chance of being a good movie.
  4. That was depressing just reading that. 
  5. Yup. If they really wanted to do something they would make it a priority. I'm sick of all the excuses to be honest. The last time they were in the studio for an album was 1999 for Willennium. That was 17 years ago! and since then we've had 17 years of "we can't find the time, Will's doing a movie, etc, etc
  6. Concussion Box Office

    That was absolutely awesome! I loved how Sam Jackson made fun of Will for not doing Django!
  7. No new JJFP tracks

    Jeff has consistently said he wants to be with the artist in the studio to record, not just send people beats.
  8. January was the one time Will & Jeff could have got together to record. Jeff went and did an Asian tour for a month, now in February Will starts shooting his next movie for 6 months. Really disappointing...
  9. Jeff's Birthday

    It's Jeff's birthday in 9 days.. can you think of anything cool we can do for him?
  10. Yup I saw that on Facebook. Ale does it again! 
  11. What Are You Listening To? XXII

      this is my fav song right now
  12. Concussion Box Office

    The budget was only $35 million but that's the lowest will smith opening ever... He's pretty much thrown his movie career away lately.. I think suicide squad wIll be huge but the next "will smith movie" that comes out I don't think people will be looking for it