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  1. Suicide Squad

    Thought this was brilliant....
  2. Collateral Beauty

    Sounds like it's a great movie, with awesome acting and performances and a great message! Can't wait to see it!
  3. Awesome find Ale that was cool to see!

    New albums from common, tribe and de la. That's a pretty good year!
  5. Movement on Bad Boys III

    They are still rewriting the script? Unbelievable. They've been rewriting it for 15 years... I don't want to see this now Michael bay isn't directing. Bad boys is his franchise.
  6. Oh god I hope this album is good
  7. Jazzy Jeff and Rhymefest - Mr Officer

    Yeah I love this track. Great lyrics. Very powerful.
  8. Jazzy Jeff & Rhymefest - No Fear

    This is one of the best tracks Jeff has put out in a while... has that more classic JJFP feel with some great scratches & cuts and Rhymefest is just on another level to say Dayne Jordan.

    thoughts are with you bigted...
  10. a few of my thoughts....
  11. Suicide Squad Marketing

    $700 Million worldwide that's a huge hit no doubt.
  12. Collateral Beauty

    This is seriously, hands down, the best cast of any Will Smith movie. Look how many academy award winners there are! ZI have a feeling this should bring out the best in Will.