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  1. I've got to say, whether Suicide Squad is a good movie or not the marketing for the movie has been some of the best I've ever seen. If it's a solid movie it should make about a billion dollars and make the most money of any of Will's movies. The way they have done the trailers, the videos, the posters, the social media, the style, it really is spectacular. They've built up the momentum so much it is looking at a $130 million weekend opening in the US which is huge. Well done Warner Bros Marketing team.
  2. Suicide Squad

    You can tell from that video how big a movie star Will is... he just takes over the whole room
  3. Suicide Squad

    Well people have seen test screenings of this. The consensus seems to be: - Margot Robbie kills it as Harley Quinn - Will is back to being Will Smith we all love - The Joker is hardly in it - lack of back story for the characters - the movie is good not great
  4. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    Is it just me or are these not as funny as when Skillz was around?
  5. Jeff says in this recent interview Will and him have 1 show actually booked.. not sure if this is the one in december. I wish I knew when and where it was.. If I knew I'd travel to see this because I've waited long enough to see a full JJFP show! (more than 20 years!) Give us something! https://www.mixcloud.com/Boitano913/the-zones-dj-jazzy-jeff-mixtape-special/ Jeff talks about the tour at 31 mins
  6. It's on Netflix in Australia
  7. Summertime 7 Mixtape

    this mixtape is awesome by the way.. prob the best one since #3, really good track selection!
  8. Summertime 7 Mixtape

    great intro with de la!
  9. Did anyone see this? http://hollywoodlife.com/2016/06/17/will-smith-new-music-dj-jazzy-jeff-collaboration/ jeff says he has studio sessions planned with Will over the next few months...
  10. Jeff just dropped a new remix of summertime:
  11. rest in peace prince be of pm dawn

    Rest In Peace to a great friend... this one is gonna take me a while to get over.. he was way too young... musical genius!
  12. boiler room set from one of our own!
  13. #thathashtagtho

    I said to Jeff on Facebook don't use that hashtag unless you mean it and he laughed!
  14. My new novel

    Ahh thank you scnazz & brakes. Really appreciate it! Give me your thoughts once you have finished.