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  1. Get Lit

    That was ghost written? Damn..why??? Please will just visit jeffs house/studio
  2. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Are they good at comedy man?
  3. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Okay now I’m excited for this!
  4. Movement on Bad Boys III

    The scripts never gonna be perfect they just need to decide to do it.
  5. I finally got to meet Will!

    Awesome man. Love the pics!

    Funny story! Happy birthday JJ!
  7. Inviting him to the forum

    And “I’d give a try” is not exactly proper English my money is on it being fake...
  8. Inviting him to the forum

    Haha wow! That would be amazing if Will posted here!
  9. new jjfp album in january?

  10. 'Bright'

    Bright had 11 million viewers in the first 3 days. You’d have to call that a hit. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/netflix-bright-might-had-98-million-opening-11-215839146.html
  11. 'Bright'

    That was interesting!
  12. Follow Will on Instagram!

    Wills instagram is really good folks! He is posting some awesome and funny stuff! Definitely worth following. Better than his Facebook.
  13. 'Bright'

    Yeah I don’t think you can fault Wills performance I thought he was very good. My issues with the movie are really the plot/story and the other characters. It’s a great premise but just wasn’t fully explored...
  14. 'Bright'

    It annoys me that Will has already signed on to do a bright sequel and is no longer doing bad boys 3
  15. 'Bright'

    I really like the bright soundtrack. Broken people by ragnbone is really good. You can watch the music videos on Netflix too