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  1. Will in Trinidad!

    That would be amazing!
  2. Will in Trinidad!

    That was dope man! Loved the summertime performance!
  3. Super rare tape found

    Interesting I'll have to show you my versions of these that I got from a touch of jazz...looks like you got a ne one though! Jeff s always doing mix tapes for his friends and these were some of them
  4. The promotion from these livewire guys leaves a lot to be desired... their own Facebook page only has about 600 likes... if they got Will to do an interview on morning radio in the UK the show would prob sell out in 5 minutes but I still get the sense most people don't know about it...
  5. Super rare tape found

    Depends if that is the originals vol 1 which is really good if it is.. or something different.
  6. Such a lovely video from Jeff. He's a stand up guy! Bring on the JJFP shows!
  7. Tickets are almost sold out so I would get on to that! Good idea to be in the golden circle with all of us!
  8. until
    Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff perform live in Blackpool
  9. Hey Nicole, what an amazing show to get over the line! I'm so excited about this! Songs that come straight to mind. Boom! Shake the room ( everyone knows the lyrics to this - #1 UK hit - I know it's not Will's fav track but it would go down amazing live) Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble (30 years of JJFP - gotta start with their first track) Brand New Funk (Prob their best track live) Summertime (Please get some female vocalists on this tour - Will yelling summertime during the chorus kinda ruins it) Potnas (this would be an amazing song live - everyone doing the potna oath) Jeff Waz on the Beat Box (if I was choosing something off and in this corner - this is the track) Ring My Bell (do the hula remix - fun track) I Wanna Rock (one of the best DJ tracks in hip hop - great break to showcase Jeff's skills) Here We Go Again (this is a bit outside the box but I just think it's a great track from he's the DJ) I'm Looking for the One (teddy Riley jam that us great live) Parents Just Don't Understand (I'd be interested in stro Elliot chopping this up to give it a fresh 2017 remix) I'm All That (one of Will's best rhymes) From Da South ( I know Will knows the lyrics to this because he rapped it for me but this kind of b-side would be a great nod to the hardcore JJFP fans) Twinkle Twinkle (this is my fav track of all time so I'm throwing it in there) Live at Union Square (one of the great JJFP routines) just the Two of Us (everyone loved that song - nice and heartfelt to mix things up) Lost & Found (this is an amazing track) Tell Me Why I better not keep going but that's a start :)
  10. Where's the VIP area? They really need a venue map
  11. Golden Circle is right at the front of the stage so probably worth the extra money and you will be with all the really big fans
  12. Will on Carpool Karaoke

    That is super super annoying!!! Later this year?? Wills episode would have been perfect to get people excited about the tour
  13. JJFPCON 2007

    How about JJFPCon 2017 - fans gather in Blackpool to celebrate JJFP before their live show!!!
  14. So many of us from the site are going to be there it's going to be awesome!
  15. once they get together for the tour I'm sure new music will come