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  1. new jjfp album in january?

    Until we see a video of them in the studio I retain a healthy skepticism haha
  2. apparently Jeff has booked Will for 2 weeks in January to come to his house and see what they can come up with chasing goosebumps style. fingers crossed this actually happens! The results could be incredible!
  3. Great to see Will working with a great director.
  4. Vinyl Destination - General Thread

    Best one in a while!
  5. Get Lit

    Yeah the music industry is basically dead these days. No one buys music. "Albums" don't even really exist anymore. Kids stream a song they like and that's about it. That's why I can't understand why Will even cares about a "hit song". Just do some JJFP for the longtime fans.
  6. Get Lit

    All fair points Jim but I'm pretty sure the 30 or so tracks he's recorded he isn't dropping any bars.. unless he gets with Jeff and does some proper rap tracks I don't like our chances of getting some hip hop out of Will these days...
  7. Get Lit

    After bomba fiesta, call in the wild and get lit I have a feeling there are no rap tracks in the 30 tracks he has recorded. He is doing a lot of experimental stuff. I’m feening for a proper rap track and 3 rap verses because I’m interested in what Will has to say these days.
  8. Great interview with Jeff

    I found the stuff with Jive really interesting. To add to the backstory, back in 1996 Will went to Jive with Men in Black and they didn't like it. They didn't think anyone would buy a jazzy jeff and fresh prince album anymore. So Will went and signed a deal with Sony. Then Jive said hey you had an original 7 album contract with us as jazzy jeff and fresh prince so Jive sued Will and Jeff for not honouring their contract. Then it sounds like as part of the settlement Will and Jeff lost all rights to their backcatalogue so they receive nothing when summertime or boom is played on the radio which sucks! Obviously we know Big Willie Style went on to become one of the highest rap albums of all time so the people at Jive got that one seriously wrong!
  9. Great interview with Jeff

    Really interesting stuff about when JJFP went from Jive to Sony!
  10. Great interview with Jeff

    Have a listen! https://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2017/09/09/interview-the-legendary-dj-jazzy-jeff
  11. Get Lit

    We really need to push this guys if we ever want to hear another Will Smith album. Make sure you write reviews on amazon|itunes etc. share the track on social media. We need to get the word out.
  12. Get Lit

    I like the studio version!
  13. Here are some photos of the JJFP.com crew @ Blackpool! I will write an entire article about the night but I am still processing it. It truly was an amazing concert!
  14. JJFP.com crew @ Blackpool

    Tim, Julie, Kimmie, Kev, Ewan, Tim & Neil.

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com

  15. JJFP.com crew @ Blackpool

    Tim, Julie, Kimmie, Kev, Ewan, Tim & Neil.

    © jazzyjefffreshprince.com