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    thoughts are with you bigted...
  2. a few of my thoughts....
  3. Suicide Squad Marketing

    $700 Million worldwide that's a huge hit no doubt.
  4. Collateral Beauty

    This is seriously, hands down, the best cast of any Will Smith movie. Look how many academy award winners there are! ZI have a feeling this should bring out the best in Will.
  5. Collateral Beauty

    I absolutely love that trailer. The cast is amazing. Please be a good movie!!!
  6. Suicide Squad

    Can't help but agree with a lot of what you said pocoto. It appears his music comeback is already dead in the water it's just generated no buzz at all.
  7. That photo was back from Jeff's bday in January
  8. Movement on Bad Boys III

    how could they do that interview and not even ask about Michael Bay? The Bad Boys franchise is Michael Bay, if you listened to Bay on the original Bad Boys dvd, it's clear he made everything up. It's outrageous he is not directing this.
  9. Facegroup for Will Smith's music

    Yeah, you know AJ's post about the new track was shown to 1,000 people out of 200,000 that's rubbish! Facebook just wants you to pay for people to see posts.
  10. Facegroup for Will Smith's music

    Yeah although the jjfp.com Facebook page has 200,000 likes Facebook doesn't show the posts to anyone. At least if you join a group you will see what is posted their. We can make it kind of exclusive and post um some rare things for the real fans!
  11. I've created a Facebook group for fans of Will's music if you want to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1631255050520588/ I figure we can share some rare music over there & discuss the new tracks/album.
  12. NEW SINGLE - Behind Enemy Lies

    Dude... This track is amazing! Incredible writing. I just wish the beat was better!
  13. Suicide Squad Marketing

    Based off early evening figures tonight, The Warner Bros/DC pic is headed toward a -69% second weekend drop that’s on par with Batman v. Superman. If Suicide Squad doesn’t pick up this weekend, then it will tie with the Zack Snyder superhero clash and 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine as one of the worst sophomore fall-offs for a superhero movie. After beating Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for the highest opening in August, the tables may turn on Suicide Squad with the James Gunn-directed movie holding the best second weekend in August with $42.1M to Suicide Squad‘s $41.9M. Earlier this week, it appeared that the under 35 bunch who gave this movie an A- were bound to keep Suicide Squad‘s legs going, but this is what happens when a superhero movie is universally panned by critics and with a ho-hum overall CinemaScore of B+. 70% drop, that says it all.
  14. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Michael Bay did not sound happy!
  15. Movement on Bad Boys III

    Wow! Brakestradamus!!! I wish Michael Bay was directing this... It shouldn't be made without michael bay in my opinion. The Bad Boys Franchise is his.