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  1. After the entanglement I'm not going to Will for guidance on life...
  2. I like a couple of tracks and don't like some others (bit too modern for me) Been listening to a lot of Busta lately though!
  3. Watching Will's latest red table which I found quite interesting - Will just doesn't seem like he loves himself - and is constantly seeking outside validation. If he did - maybe he would just end it - he talks of his past pain of his girlfriend cheating on him driving his will to succeed - so why put up with it now? And if he doesn't care about "success" he would be more liekly to drop an album and some music. As jeff and pauly yams once said - do it for the love of the game!
  4. Yes - was great to see Ross Bagley make an appearance!
  5. I thought this was really good. It was well done and quite emotional. If you watch it, expect tears! There was a very moving tribute to James Avery. I gotta give it to Janet Hubert because the stuff she said in the press she said straight to Will's face and it was great to see that relationship mended. I would have liked to see more interviews with some of the creators of the Fresh Prince, the writers, directors and producers etc but it just seemed to focus on the cast. I grew up watching this show - watched it from grade 4 to year 10 - so it was a part of my childhood and
  6. the forum is updated if you want to have a play!
  7. I wish still sounds good today. and I love top of the stairs!
  8. This was seriously one of my fav things. The first time JJFP have been live on social media like that. The story of Charlie Mack breaking Jeffs hand before a show was crazy!
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