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  1. How good is the remastering? Everything sound crisp?

    This is amazing! Carvin, Ivan, Dre, Vidal, Keith & Darren did some amazing music at a touch of jazz and afterwards. They were responsible for the neo soul movement and sold a lot of albums but their production was always on point. So good to hear you got to hang out with Carvin and that he's a great guy!
  3. This sounds amazing! This was always why I preferred the vinyl version of he's the dj
  4. Get Lit

    Feel exactly the same way man! Will should just spend a week at Jeffs house and they would probably produce a great JJFP album!
  5. Nicole first of all congratulations for pulling off the virtually impossible! If it was easy to get a JJFP show up with Will and a Jeffs schedule it would have happened once in the last 20 years! The show was incredible. Secondly I hope you can get more shows up especially for our US fans. We will be cheering you on from here!
  6. Will is filming Aladdin now for 6 months, directly after that he's locked in for this ang lee movie filming dates have been set March 2018 - September 2018 and then he's doing another movie after that as well so I think the reality us we won't get any music stuff from Will for a long time... he might do the odd show and drop a track now and then but that's probably it
  7. There were these girls at the concert who had made hoodies with the home base JJFP logo they were dope!
  8. Magnificent 3

    When I talked to Daniel Crawford he said the 3 rappers on magnificent are rhymefest, Dayne jordan and amir. He said amir actually took the lead on a lot of the album (he's 17 now)
  9. Get Lit

    Will has just dropped the Get Lit video on his Facebook.
  10. Why is jeff lying on a piano during that interview haha
  11. This is absolutely incredible. Will doesn't overplay Boom but gives one if the most sured performances of the track. He is completely in the pocket and the track sounds as good as it ever has. I'm in awe of his delivery if this. Enjoy!
  12. They were keen to do shirts like this themselves when they saw Brakes shirt! And Brakes was taking orders in the crowd. Just the JJFP logo would do me. Still looks great!
  13. Get Lit

    Even if you don't like the 'sound' of it, Will is actually rapping a very good message in a modern track. I like the lyrics.
  14. Do you think those albums will be remastered?
  15. Here is some of the jazzyjefffreshprince.com crew - there was a lot of us there.. there was heaps of JJFP fans there it was incredible to see - everyone had made their own JJFP t-shirts! Brakes shirt got a lot of love! I'll write a whole article about the experience I just need time to process it but the concert was a lifelong dream and it was as good as I had hoped. Amazing experience. For those that couldn't go, Lynette, Jeff's wife said that when Will and Jeff got off the stage in Croatia the look in their eyes said they were going to do more of these shows...