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Jeff's aborted LP for Columbia Records---

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circa 1999.. anybody know if any of these tracks have surfaced somewhere? I know that there's a song he did with Eminem (& Pauly Yams?) called "Go to Hell", but it's never been officially released.. I wonder who else all had recorded cuts to be used on that LP..
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Guest Prince
Excuse me? Eminem doesn't say anything bad about FP or JJ on the track... And this was back in the days when Eminem was quite decent (don't get me wrong, I still like a handful of songs by him that he did on The Eminem Show), and before he blew up and dissed FP.
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The song was made before Eminem was fully mainstream and before the Slim Shady days.

Em was just pissed at something FP said when he accepted an award in '99 about how he dont need curse in music to be successful or something like that.

Childish of Eminem....Will was gonna fight back but he chose not to because he's above that. Em just disses people for attention. He knows that if your controversial, people will talk about you and the media will just give you more attention. He said it himself.

But hes an idiot. Edited by DevilsJim89
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"When To Stand Up (Go To Hell)" waz the only track that leaked. There's a line in it that finishes off saying something when Jeff + Will were still friends (like they stopped). The song's pretty avearage tho'...the stuff on The Magnificent is far better than that track.

Eminem waz just getting big when they recorded the track but it waz b4 all the gimmicks of The Marshall Mathers LP kicked in. Remember, Jeff came Eminem a break by putting "Bonnie & Clyde '97" on his "The Vibe I'm On" mixtape a year b4 he blew up.

Jeff worked with FP, King Britt, and De La Soul for his album on Columbia but they were so focused on making it kinda like Big Willie Style that after a few months, their deal feel thru'. That's when he started all over, making what became The Magnificent.
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[quote=Hero1,Aug 9 2004, 11:57 PM]when eminem blew up columbia came running to jeff..after theyd already shelved his album..and wanted to release it..and this time jeff said "go to hell!"[/quote]
:roll: Is that for real..or did you just made that up??
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[quote=3cookies,Aug 10 2004, 01:54 PM][quote=Da Brakes,Aug 10 2004, 04:32 AM] Columbia are really just after one thing!![/quote]
[font="Arial"][color=blue]and what might tht one thing be....there, mr. dabrakes? lmbo :kekeke:


3cookies [/color][/font] [/quote]
Promoting artists to their full potential, giving them FULL creative control and putting out decent quality music!!!

Whatever did you think?!?!

:kekeke: :kekeke: Edited by Da Brakes
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