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A New Puzzle! Solve for News


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argh im so tired, my brain is gonna pop, ok so this is my tired thoery so it will be very wrong.

Im thinkin its to do with Trey then, but he wouldnt rap bcoz he cant, if it was his first movie or something, its not really that big a news, so its probably not that.

Ok the numbers, if its years, i think they have something to do with "firsts".

92 - Wills first film "where the day takes u"/ first born/ first wife

63 - year mentioned in pjdu, which was his first major hit

89 - first grammy won

96 - first release of an album under the name "Will Smith"

17 - when Will and Jeff first met

15 - when Will first had sex, lol dont ask me how i know but i do.

thats the best i can do rihgt now.

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ok this is a continuation from my first idea.

2) is about Trey. Trey is a play on the number 3.

3) is about firsts.

so when u put them together those clues make "31st", so its a date.

1) its before us, so its the future. So it is something to do with the date 31st of October (i would say september but there are only 30 days in september).

i think i devled to deep, but i came up with this in bed last night. So tim whats happerning on the 31st of october lol.

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