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A New Puzzle! Solve for News


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argh its driving me crazy, ive been all over the site trying to click on a 3rd link and using the numbers to count the 9th word etc, it doesnt seem to work, i just get nonsence.

Im wondering if it has anything to do with the number 6, bcoz that number is the 3rd number used in the code. im gonna try and do something with that.

OR there are 3 number 9's in the code, could be something to do with number 9. now im getting myself lost in numbers.

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Figure this out and you will get a wonderful piece of will smith/jazzy jeff fresh prince news. Of course I'm not gonna make it easy .

man its so simple I cant believe no1 has got it..its right in front of your eyes :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3:

It's simple to you since you know the answer, but we have no idea! It is was thet simple we would have allredy figured out the question :damnlorettas:

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You can divide that number by 3, and it gives you another random number.

:iagree: if u add all the numbers u get 66, u can add 3 to them and get 69, or take away 3 and get 63. i can times the whole number by 3, divide it by 3, count every third number and get another number. one problem, they are just numbers, they mean nothing! Im not frustrated by this at all. :damnlorettas:

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