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Hey... family!... i just wanted to let u guys know that Ready Roc C has a myspace, and added me to his friends... I was greatly suprised to see him active on myspace, and told him that i was going to pass on his myspace linke for the Jazzy Jeff / Fresh Prince fans to add him... cuz hes still family...

He was excited about that ... :2thumbs:

so here it is.. when u guys add him... make sure u say hi...or whassup...

i love u all.. been MIA for a while, comp busted and im using someone elses 4 a min...which sux...


3cookies Ready Roc C Myspace..

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LOL... yea... thas all funny and cute.

Sorry 4 repeating this thread, cuz i didnt know it was posted once b4.. but at least the ppl who didnt have his site b4, has it now...

Tho he doesn't communicate with Will & Jeff, im certain... its still cool for us JJFP fams to reach out and support him too ...after all, hes still a "Pioneer" in my eyes,.. in a sense....



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