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I heard some of Lupe's stuff, it sounds pretty good but I wouldn't go as far as saying that he's the next KRS-ONE yet, he definately got potential though to be one of the rising stars of the rap game and bring a breath of fresh air to drown out some of the sucker mcs out now if he gets the right promotion behind him, hopefully another single besides "Kick Push"'ll get out there before his album comes out, btw I checked out some tracks on Rhymefest's album and I think he got a lot of potential too, sure Kanye might be overhyped a lil' bit but I gotta give him props for trying to bring talented mcs in the game...

Hell yeah. Rhymefest is dope.

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I got Rhymefest's album. It's good, but i expected more. I don't know why, i just remember feeling like i didn't get what i wanted. I have a feeling that it'll be one of those albums that grows on me.

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Lupe is damn amazing. His lyrics and flow is as good as it can get. Incredible lyrics that takes some time to understand. He's no a rapper you just put on to listen to and dig. His lyrics can be analyzed and twisted just like a poet, KRS, Rakim or whatever.

BUT, he stills has room to adapt and learn more about makin songs. Cause the build and rhymescheme in his songs tend to get repetitive and listening to the full leaked album can get boring if u don't have alot of time.

He needs to get more entertaining or just better in constructing songs so that he can catch the listeners ears for a longer time. Just like the legends like Nas, KRS, Rakim, Jay and plenty of the old school rappers can do.

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The thing is i can see this guy getting huge, in the Kanye sense. Then people will be all over him saying he's not all that, cos people wanna be different

Lets rememeber this post for our first impressions and not be judged by his commercial success.

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