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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Continue the rhyme


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now wait...stop...just pause

forget the rhyme for a minute....continue the applause

give us props for how far we've come, shower us with praise

and smile, cuz today is one of those "Lovely Days"

(damn I'm kinda good LOL)

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Guest I want to live forever

Whenever my squad apears//

We bust at any sucker near//

21st century buccaneers//

In the back of a nissan, raiding your album premiers//

Im a Rackateer Musketeer//

holding you at gun point, screaming " hand over the cup of beeeeer!!"//

I'm not a badboy, Im just an asshole//

That carries a fellow, around in a suitcase whitout airholes//[let me out!!!!!]

Edited by I want to live forever
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take a break-no need to call the censors

it's squeaky clean WillJadafan, once again on the M-I-C

but I'mma keep it short & sweet sumthin' kinda like me

just givin' you a taste of the talents I posess...

and I ain't one to brag, but today I MUST digress....

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u stand there take a picture and then pose

but then again ya'll would think ill run for president

i hit you with a rap and you snap back y u hesitanted

look thru the eyes of a crazed teenager...

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It's November so we gotta teach a hip-hop history lesson

Since there's a lot of propaganda in the game like elections

Where there's more talk than action

Who says all this talk brings satification?

When fools choose to stay in ignorance

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Guest Hank the silent bob man

When fools choose to stay in ignorance

I'm sick with guns, take a bitch her funds//

Looting thiefing stealing like Atilla huns//

Just sit back and watch the millions come....//

I'm like.. the Palistinian type//

Living in twentyfirst century Arabian nights//

In wich American Funded Israelians fight//

and if god wont save us tonight then the uranium might//

Edited by Hank the silent bob man
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Now its time to bust a rhyme and make up and tight

Now back is comin Jazzy back is comin Fresh

His name is Will his name is Jeff

Comin out with the funky fresh beats they stay always DEF

Prince is on the mic while Jeff is on the cut

they're new record is gonna tear sh*t up!

Fresh new rhymes Will will produce

Its gonna be the best thing since Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice"

Though he'll never be as good as tupac its eazy to see

he'll always be better than that pussy eminem and that loser JAY Z

Now im done hoggin the mic

pass it on to the next person

and let them STRIKE

(start off your own rhyme)

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You obouvisly dont know what Jay z has done to hip hop

his first album flopped, but picked up his second its plain hot

i aint sayin this and i aint sayin that, sayin fresh prince is better

u probably still want will to run for president, go write a letter

cause at the end of the day im with +White America+ will im doin these evil deeds

i shoulda neva been born with my fathers drunken seeds

but ill lay the +Blueprint+ cause its +Me against the world+

me against my word, me against your girl (Wha)

and maybe i gotta +Make It Hot+ While im in +Miami+

you'll c me, ill be the one makin a girl say "OOO papi"

so before you diss jay z and eminem, swallow ya ****

learn how to spit, this aint a battle, its just makin u quit. thats it

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If u have respect for the ol' school mc legends

You'd noticed that there are many albums better than Jay-Z's "The Blueprint"

And there are many mc's catalogs deeper than Eminem's

Record sales ain't the equilvalent for a great lyricist

'Cause you have to be able to put on a show

Even if JJFP's career sales were low

Their creativity will still be known

By those who love real hip-hop from the heart

And don't feel shocked over the pop charts

When those mcs we love who sell the least bring the hottest charge

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