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u like to anoy me with your petie remark?

i neva sed in my life than fresh prince was better than shady

but jus look at the facts, who's toppin 106 n Park?

u call a women a ho, ill call her a lady

look here, the blueprint doesnt matter, jiggas last

album called MC's to blast, and old school hip hop

dont mean **** now, even tho the FP's new album will flop

hate to bring truth, but no one wants to hear him rap

speak the truth, but ill neva say hes whack, or crap

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That's the problem that hip-hop has

You gotta do more than watch "106&Park" to hear hot raps

'Cause they don't play anything from KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, or Nas

But that doesn't mean that they ain't hot

Or they don't get props

'Cause true fans like me go and support when their albums drop

So it doesn't matter if you're platinum or not

Besides JJFP's been there and already done that

At a time when having a platinum album was a hard task

Now in '04 these pop rappers can't ever blast

Since we don't pay attention to Nas when he says it's 'bout "Bridgin' The Gap"

When we don't go link today's present wit the past

And the game will continue to stay down

If we don't respect the soul of the game that was motivated by records from James Brown

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