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Old Questlove Interview Quote

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Dont know if its been posted...

"The funny thing is, I know that Will Smith has a very humorous, or non street-cred profile in hip-hop. But there's nothing that Will Smith will ever do that will make me forget. That left such an impression on me, watching him and Jeff get down. The thing I liked about Will was that he knew he was underestimated. He knew cats looked at him like "Ahh, you're just some suburban guy, you ain't no real street thug". So he had to try harder. And cats would always try to come at Will on the radio. You know- "Fresh Prince is soft..." And then he'd be in the studio a half an hour later... There's in infamous battle between him and Steady B on tape. "He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper" had just come out that Tuesday, and Steady B and Will happened to be in the studio at the same time. Steady thought "Ok, I'm gonna come out my ass and battle him". The only way I can describe that moment - you ever see "Goodwill Hunting"? You know the scene in the bar, where the smartass college guy is trying to name some stats, then Matt Damon just busts his ass? That was Will Smith. He roasted Steady B, to the point where Steady B was ready to fight. Ready to fight on the air, physically. Jeff was like "Yo, they almost had to have the cops come and break it up".

....So watching him was like was sort of like watching the last scene of "8 Mile", and "Good will Hunting". 'Cos he was ready for anyone to come at him with "You're soft, you ain't nothin', you ain't a real thug, you ain't a real MC". He used humour - The Dozens. Talkin' about your momma... he had a rhyme for every colour...

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Wow man thanks for that...thats pretty interesting. It just further proves the FP was one of the premier rappers coming up in Philly. He was the best rapper most likely.

I just looked up who Steady B is...Wikipedia:

Steady B (b. Warren McGlone) is a former rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He was in a group called CEB, which also featured fellow Philadelphia rapper Cool C, and he also worked together with KRS One.

Along with Schoolly D and the Fresh Prince, Steady B was one of the first wave of Philadelphia-area rappers to gain notoriety. With an appealing blend of battle raps and freestyle lyrics, Steady's style is an accurate representation of post-Run-D.M.C./pre-Public Enemy era hip-hop. At his best, Steady mixed well-written metaphors and wordplay with sparse yet catchy drum tracks. As was often the case in 1980s rap though, Steady just as frequently relied on gimmicky themes and corny yarns to fill out his albums. After releasing five albums with mixed success, Steady formed the hardcore group C.E.B. in an effort to update his style, and sales. The C.E.B. album failed, and Steady faded into obscurity. It would have been far better for Steady if he'd simply remained unheard from, but in 1996, Steady and his old C.E.B. partner Cool C were convicted of a botched armed robbery and the murder of Philadelphia police officer Luretha Vaird -- the first female officer to die in the line of duty in Philadelphia. To avoid a possible death sentence, Steady confessed to the robbery and was sentenced to life without possibility of parole, while Cool C awaits a possible Execution.

haha so FP went on to better things while Steady B is steadily rotting away in jail. Gotta love it. haha

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