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"A Nightmare On My Street" music video

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On 11/1/2018 at 9:30 AM, Hero1 said:

And finally.. we have it!




Deserves its own topic, dont you think?

Anyway: interestingly a lot of tech people say that this is actually artificially degraded to look like a VHS copy while in reality it is a high quality master tape. Someone has made it look worse in order to avoid being sued. Would be nice if anyone who has a lot of JJFP videos on their tube could PM the uploader and perhaps ask for the better version.

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I always said to myself I WOULD join this forum as a official member if this video ever surfaced, Well I come around here once in a blue and check and couldn't pick my wig up off the ground after seeing that this video has finally come to light.

First rap song I ever heard, first tape I ever owned and my love for rap music all comes from this song right here. 


The video is absolutely brilliant and I love will as the punk rock Fred , dr. ILL giving his DEVIL horns at the beginning when he says ILL is my **** !

and whomever said that the video was altered, you are 100% right..... it came from a direct source who clearly did some editing. 


the internet is a beautiful thing

peace and one love all


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It's officially on vev o now!

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Imagine my surprise when telling my current roommate about the Nightmare On My Street music video and then googling and and realizing it has finally seen the light of day again! I couldn't believe it when I was finally watching what I spent many nights googling, trying to find.

I then remembered these forums and here I am again!

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