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FIFA World Cup 2006

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Only the Argies have really impressed me so far. Spain look alrite. Other than that its the minnows thats are putting on the good shows.

Can't wait for the 2nd Round to start.

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France is pathtetic. It looks like they won't even pass the group stage

the fun thing here is that it's looks like they wont :shrug: ... maybe just Willi Sagniol and Thierry Henry dont know the plan :hmm:

some of my favs teams so far are Trinidad and Tobago , Ivory Coast ...

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Germany made an asome win today by beating Ecuador 3:0. It was a very good game. Especially Miroslav Klose showed that he's one of europes best forwarder at the moment.

Now I'm interested in the England against Sweden match, because the loser will face Germany next.

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I`m quit shure Germany will do it!

nah ... haha , nah man - i mean Germany is showing some good play but they got no chance , no matter that they play in Germany and all that , they got some weak defence and vs. Brasil or something close like that class in attack :paperbag:

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Well Brasill doesnt make as much goals as germany tho.. Mark my wodrs, they gonna take the title..

Marked! :rofl:

U.S. is pretty terrible at soccer, so I'm rooting for England :2thumbs:

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