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FIFA World Cup 2006

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on paper for the team we have i'd take a bronze medal. But if we start playing properly then along with us anyone from a number of 4 or 5 could win it. Its down to luck and skill, we seem to have had our luck already so we have to play well now to prove ourselves to the rest of the world we belong up there with the best

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This is not a game, this is a figth. Portugal is playing very, very mean.

well the Holand team was no better at the point :shrug: ... btw where were all my favs players Davids , Zeidorf , Patrick Kluivert ?!?


i prefer Holand to win but ...

They're all past it. Holland are a team for the future now, just watch what they'll do at Euro 2008

i will , but i am no so sure about 2008


:ponder: we are in the same group for the qualifications

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lol, could well be, but this time Germany may deserve to be there. Good luck to England tommorow. We need to up our game like i know we can to beat Portugal.

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