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FIFA World Cup 2006

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I say Germany was weak. Takeing two goals from a country with two mil resdients like Costa Rica is pretty lame, in my opinion. If they were as good as they should be, the score should have been 4-0 for them.

I agree when you say Germany was weak.. But it does not matter that Costa Rica got only 2 million people.. The got a star player who scored those goals.. Paulo Wanchope was dangerous everytime he got the ball... Germay got a weak defence..

But guys. Have fun with the England vs Paraguay match.. I know im gonna have it..

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Yeah Paraguay had a good 2nd half, but still needed more definition wit goals, i was hopin they would win :damnyou:

Now lets see how Sweden's game will be...i guess sweden will win dis one.

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Three hot games today, at least from my point of view, not sure that you think Trinidad & Tobago - Sweden sounds like a lot of fun. The Swedish people expect 3-0 or 4-0.

damn that was close :rofl:

sorry i just couldn't resist to not write that hahaha

Yeah, by the way how is Bulgaria doing in this world cup?

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I'm pretty happy with the sweedish result, england's still on top and going strong...no offence lerkot but england will beat sweeden and go thru first...even though sweeden will go thru second.

Im not too sure about that. England havent beat Sweden for like 40 years and didnt impress against Paraguay...

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This WM is full of surprises. I mean first Costa Rica playing very good, then Ecuador beating Poland and now Sweden's draw with Trinidad Tobago. That tie is almost like a lose for Sweden. Wonder what the next surprise will be. Can't wait for Argentina vs Cote d'Ivoire. It's gonna be mad.

P.S That goal was Beckham's and not paraguay's. That shot was amazing

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