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how does the beat matching work tho..cause when i do that to the tracks then Will is just rapping fatser or slower depending on the other track.. and if i'm just going from 1 track to another why do i need to match the beats? :hmm:

wow, they must not mix tracks together on the radio in australia, or you dont listen to the radio. basically heres the simplest way i can put it: when you mixed tracks together on the mixtape, the beat on one song would not match the beat on the other song in tempo, meaning it sounded all jumbled up and confused. if you can find a way to match 2 of Will's beats to the same BPM and at just the right moment, the beat on both songs will hit at once, and when you fade the songs into each other, the song sounds like one track with the vocals and instruments fading into each other. it really is a work of art. think of matching the beats like when you match an instrumental of one artist to an acapella of another artist. it has to be JUST right to match, and it has to be done at just the right moment, and when done incorrectly, sounds bad. hope that helps :wiggle:

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i'm trying to make a point.. the man with the "strength to stand up and say gangsta rap was wack" "nine tre everybody wanna be a gangsta pup pup pup"

i know ur point, but it didnt sounded good :kekeke:

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Good job!

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to make the beats match tho wouldnt u have to slow or speed up a track? Its unlikely the 2 songs u wanna mix r gonna be the same bpm.

Im downloading the mix now Tim, thanx!

yes you probably would. lots of DJ's can find pefectly matching beats, but when you are working with more than just one artist its probably easier. when you're just working with will's music, it's a lot harder. i would imagine theres some way to speed up the beat to get into the transition and then let it go back to normal when its done and you're ready to hear the lyrics of it lol

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