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Will Falls Down


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I didn't check the video since my computer is slow. Is it the clip from 1998ish where he goes 2 get up on stage and slips...then plays it off in try FP fashion?

Yeah :rofl:

People were afraid he was hurt at first :rofl:

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hahahaha, if i fell down id just look stupid, but somehow Will made himself look funny and cool. That hilarious, thanx

Me2. If that were me..I probably say "I meant 2 do that"...but it wouldnt work 2 well cos everybody would see i was embarrassed...

But not Will. He slip, fell down but took advantage of it and made it look funny. :rofl: :lolsign:

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LMBO. I saw that video on one of the boards awhile ago... Will just seemed to be a lil clumsy when he got on stage, but played it off and rolled on into it on purpose. hah. Im sure he learned to take the steps to the stage... haha.



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