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I know how much work and time goes into a video like this

yeah but :whew: i have finished it... maybe the hardest time wasn't while i was making it (when u have to put to the right place and at the right time and making all the stuff)maybe it was when i was watching the picks from the genocide , slavery and the war in iraq :ohdear: , i know all the stuff were really bad ,what's happen ... but some of the picks :paperbag: ... oh and i was watching some video for the genocide just no word for this one :worried:

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Yeah both really good. This one is hard hitting big time, great job! I wish Will could see them somehow because I think he would love them!

Yupp, think the same but I think he knows this site because I read somethin' like he knows the page and the forums here before - uhm dunno maybe one or two years ago so I think one day he'll see the videos! :kool:

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