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ive either been really naughty or really good. I put the live performance of tell me why up on youtube. The one that is off the video u get free with the hitch dvd. I think its only fair to put it up bcoz if your not from the usa its pretty hard to get. I dont usually let stuff like this out but i think this one is worth it, i plugged lost and found a lot with it. I also broke a few copyright laws but hey so does every1 else on youtube.

Thanx to Max as well bcoz he got me a better quality version of the video!

here ya go:


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Thats cool, thanks. But one question (No negative meaning) why dont you just put it up so we can download it?

i put it up there mainly as a promotion tool. Kinda like jonny's tell me why video.

yep, the more people that watch it the better, it has a domino effect... good job Julie, definitely don't worry about any copyright laws, worst they can do is take the video down...

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It was before L&F was released?

Yeah, I think they did the show before or right around the time it was released.

I asked about it cause I saw people reaction on this song. They stood quite.... hypnotyzed? I mean they acted when you hear the 1st time song with serious topic. & when beat started ppl didn't scream a lot, so it probably you have right.

I'm happy that Jazzy Julie gave me capability to see that, but it's look poorly to me, I mean here a stage, I haven't seen Jazzy etc. But song is dope. Peace!

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