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Guest Prince
Aight guys... New forum, new battle. Here are the teams, post one freestyle each in any order. Refer to the other "freestyle battle II - rules & fixtures" post for further information, don't post any questions here. Thanks.

[u]Team 1[/u]
Da Brakes
Jazzy Julie

[u]Team 2[/u]
fan 4ever


Aight set the standard and impress the judges, let's prepare for carnage! :dj:
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another freestyle battle
yall just a bunch of sheep ya heard like cattle
follow the same old
down the same road
the same rhymes
afraid to step out of line
frightened scared ya gonna miss this
opportunity but im prepared to risk ish
insist on the intrinsic
that instantly impress
and in fairness
not even an heiress
could inherit my fortune of ingenious
mind mettle
that invade ya brain and wrestle
with your thoughts before you have to settle
on the only conclusion
hero1 ya choosin
the man thats infusin fear in the weak minds of silly saps
eat themselves alive own worst enemies result in silly raps
destined for a battle bruising
already accepted that you step to me you walk away losing
stuck stuttering and fluttering in a daze got the judges snoozin
while im cruisin to the final like ya favorite idol
cowell even predicting the claiming of my rightful title
and gotta give the man props for being so inciteful
as i close in suddenly like nightfall
a nocturnal animal black
so far ahead of the competion y'all trying to impose a handicap
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ok listen up this is my first time battle
but i'm the last person with him you wanna rumble
i got what it takes to be the best in this place
there's a glimpse of my skills, don't turn away your face
don't even try to copy, i'm leaving with no trace
just sit back and relax this is ain't no chase
i'm going to do it real quick and slick
please don't try me 'cause i'm close to the peak
the next guy who'll call me to battle
will go down, for me it ain't no trouble
i'm not like 50 with his big muscled titi
just another gangsta who thinks he's Don Viti
my rhymes are uniqe so just flow with the bit
i step in to the scene with a big wave of heat
i'm ready with the mic 'cause rap is in my bone
belive it or not i came tonight to get my throan
smoke the place up 'cause i'm really not a layer
just think again... there's no smoke without fire
my real name is tomer but you can call me "Dr.T"
i'm not just saying you can check for my degree
so just.. 1... 2... 3 and to theee 4
your turn to speak, so for me it's time to snore
after all that cocky stuff i'll be stright up
i'm not like that, just wanna let you pump
don't deny the rhyms who makes you wanna jump
vote for me or you can shut the... *HOLD UP*
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You feel me?
Yo listen close
Don't steal from me
This ain't like a caption contest
And this ain't a place for a birdie to nest
Know whata I mean?
That means stop stallin
You take too long and rhyme still ain't ballin
Oooh Ooooh!
Oh that's ya moms callin
You signed up thinkin you was gonna brag to the world
But once yo mouth opened
The whole world hurled
It's time to go
Time to bring out the big guns
That's the sound of the coward's run
But don't get mad
They don't know I do this for fun
Whoa dang
I didn't know you ran too
While you're back at your home
Send me a postcard from the zoo
I said you can't run forever
And you said "Do the Dew!"
Like you're hard to your own degree
And it's freezin
It's just everytime your mouth opens
The whole world's sleepin

God Blessa!
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It’s me, I’m back but without the numbers
Badboys, rappin is one of my favourite endeavours
Northern Hospitality, I’m coming from the cold
Going once- Going twice- Going three times- SOLD!
This cat’s spittin rhymes, and there ain’t no stoppin me
You try too much dude, that is my epiphany
This battle is against my partner, creating holes
It’s not my fault, I’m pullin a Beyonce Knowles
The end isn’t near, this has just begun
I’m like Neo that’s right, I am “the one”
Bring back the retro, bring back the funk
Bring back the afro, bring back the dunk
Redefining freestyle, but let me tell you somethin’
You’re no good, you’re not even a has been
So let’s break the word freestyle into 2 different pieces
I’m not talking bout bits, nor the reese’s
So first we have the free, but that’s sorta wrong
Yall gon’ have to pay, to hear my songs
Then we got the style, which I have plenty of
That’s my of way doin it when push comes to shove
It’s like Jordan at ball, or Tiger at golfing
Like the Williams’ at tennis, or Ali at boxing
“Run like a butterfly, sting like a bee”
Be realistic, you can’t be like me
Round 1, have some fun, say your pun
Then u done, You gon’ run, from each one
Judge round 2, slow like glue, u review
What to do?, déjà vu, nothing new
Round 3, you can see, for me, victory
Emcee, that’s me, BB, c’est la vie
Last but not least, you’re overruled
Forget your education, you’ve just been schooled
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YO, it's just me/
Dark-Child, the lil' G
The young MC
I'm better than ever/
I'm sick of these writers, saying they are rappers/
Say good-bye to JusLike_Will, and hello to Dark-Child/
in some ways I'm the same, but the new me is so wild/
Since non of you don't got much talent, like 50 cent/
I will cut your style in half, then say it was an accident/
So, if you wanna battle me, think twice/
And, don't think that I'm gonna be nice/
I don't care if you are [color=red]DA_brakes, 3Cookies, or Tim Rice[/color]/
I'm just gonna, make you pay the price/
ya, I know what's up/
I don't only write and write, I write and rap
So don't think that I'm just talkin and walkin
because I don't spend much time on the computers/
like many of y'all rap pretenders.
I'm not exactly sure of who I'm rapping to/
So give me somebody, and watch me split them in two/
To spit your rhymes against me,
you only got one chance/

Just ounce/
So when you read my lyrics, you better not start to dance.
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U can call me 3W or W3, y'all know i got more flow than the Caribbean Sea
But that's what u can expect from W times 3
Y'all be stutterin' like a transform scratch from Jeff - I be rappin' like FP
This is LIVE...but not in Union Square
It's on the JJFP.com forums so be aware
Yo 2 those who haven't rapped yet, I suggest u boycott
My lyrics mean somethin, they be soulful like Jill Scott
Y'all be chasin' me around tryin 2 get my autograph but don't get confused
Cuz my name's not Jack and i ain't no kangaroo
I got a few things 2 say so listen up just 4 the record
Yo Hero1, hold up, stop the show
U gotta create a rap before u can start a flow!
Oh, that waz a rap? Sorry, must have been distracted
You're just a wannabe me, with the talent subtracted
djsilvertiger, hiphopremix, whatever the name,
Readin' your rhymes causes MIMES 2 yell out in pain!
Your lyrics, your rhymes? man they all the same
My 32 lines will come down on u like the rain
Badboys, I remember when we were potnas, do u remember our joints?
Truth is, I waz the only one ever rackin' up the points
It's a shame 2 watch u go down but ahh well so long
When it's over u can go back 2 memorizin' the "Cops" theme song
U think that's ridiculous? Don't, u said u had 2 use a thesaurus
U said it yourself last time, u don't even know the CHORUS!
Fan 4ever If u wanted someone easier u should back off right now
Exit - stage left hurry up n take your bow
If u take a few days 2 respond 2 my rap, that's cool cuz the judges will rule
Lookin' stuff up in dictionaries sayin' "I knew I should have went on and finished elementary skool!"
And willreign, I saw those raps on the last board and I was bored
Chingy wannabe, seems so, rhymes are weak and u got no flow
I'm as great as they come and i'm changin' the rules - The 11th commandment, W3 shall not lose
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Drum sounds, I’m back on track
on the train of life, bouncing like a jumping jack
put me next 2 you, I make you look wack
yo, this is not a joke nor a test
this is war, better get a vest
my lyrics make an impact like gun bullets
my flow like Nas, representing hip hop 2 the fullest
I’m killing ‘em, I line’ em up
spit 16 bars when you still gotta put ya mic up
got tears in my eyes cus you make me laugh
with your childish flow and ya retarded staff
I’m harder then a stutterer making a statement
I’m so hot when I walk I burn the pavement
my raps get ya stigmatised
give up, you’ll never get recognized
my mind capacity is 20, but yours probably half my size
you think you know, but you have no idea
you’ll get shot like that dude singing PIMP
you act like a player but it’s more like a play-act
you playback every track, that’s a fact
my rhymes are like magic, they hypnotize you
you’re an orange and it’s time 2 liquidize you
let’s refurbish the board, take out the trash
I’m sicker then your average, that’s why u and me clash
every sentence I spit, I got you tongue-tied
tonight’s the night that I lyrically kill you in a wordfight
I’ll scalp your scalds with a scalpel
leave u with the scent of death, crucify you in a chapel
no need to smile, cuss I’ll knock your teeth out
take a bottle and knock you over the head like puffy and steve stoute
fan 4ever, put my name on top, cus you I’m out
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Guest Prince
Da Brakes, Jazzy Julie and willreign still need to post theirs.

Yo Brakes, Julie, where ya at? Willreign, don't worry about not being able to reply today - there's always tomorrow. :smile:
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sorry im late again!!!!!!!!!!!! well at least im not last lol

Here i am ready again to be the victorious/
Just like the last partner battle, it be so glorious/
I was an underdog, you didnt see me coming/
I was new to the game, but i hit the ground running/
yeah, in the last battle i was 100-1/
But i went and came out, and straight up won/
Now i'm too good, man, I'm way out your league/
Those rhymes your trying to spit, its sounds like mental fatigue/
I wish i could battle 50, coz i'd probably win/
and show him that a white girl from Britain can do it better than him/
I just cant believe you came back for a second try/
I slaughtered you the first time and nearly made you cry/
Now these new folks who wanna claim this prize/
Get out quick while you can, thats what i'd advise/
You think your rhymes are so dope, blowing up like a bomb/
But really you incarcerated, just like saddam/
I gotta do this right, coz i'm representing the ladies/
Watch me shine so bright, like a brand new mercedes/
you dont need drugs, coz i'm a natural stimulant/
And getting high of my flows, don't you realise its imminent/
its ok though coz all your raps sins i will condone/
I dont need a partner this time, I can make it on my own/
Just like my day job, i be putting it down like science/
and reading these rhymes its like a lyrical reliance/
Your blind to your own faults, you must have conjuctivitis/
And then making us read them all, I'm sure its just to spite us/
Be embarrassed I beat you, coz i'm little in height/
But thats ok though, I just dont need fists to fight/
My rhymes are so smart, make yours sound like a fart/
Coming straight from my heart, to tear ya apart/
I'm hear today to become the biggest Willy/
Stop laughing Brits now that joke is getting silly/
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