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  1. Thanks guys. But I kind of needed the help before I registered. Right now, I have been having trouble loging in. That's why I'm using this acount.Should I re-register as Wild-Child? I think I messed up with my password or something.It's just cant let me in. I'm so sorry for re-sighning up three times.You guys forgive me? I never ment for this to happen
  2. Damn..that's what I don't want. I don't wanna be known as member # fifty something. But I'm gonna do it anyways. you guys won't 4get that I wasn't that alte signing up right? Anyway, I will be known as Dark-Child. So Prince, Don't cut me off the battle. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :cussing: :cussing:
  3. That's right.You should let her make the fisrt move. The same damn last girl I had thuoght I was rapist when I made the first move. If you really like her so bad, maybe you should be sending her roses and love cards that ain't signed. I have never tried that.So I'm not sure if it's gonna work or not. [b]Just don't get yourself beat up[/b]
  4. Hey Sexywsgirl.The way you put it, it's exactly how she's like. I will try to remember that.Everytime I see them together.I will be saying to myself that I deserve better. I think she doesn't know when she hurt someone's feelings. starting today, I have been trying to act like I'm cool with this whole thing.I'm trying to be my reguler self but I can't.If they are to break-up, I don't want to be the one whose responsible over some girl who wants to go out with all my best friend. I wouldn't have been hurt if she was going out with someone else rather that my best friend.You know, me and y friends hung out together the whole time, and she'd gonna have to be with us.And that's just annoying seeing them kiss and hug. Yo Aj, I tried to let it go a couple of times.But every time I see her it's like man i just wanna be with her.Now that she is going out with one of my best friends, I wouldn't go back out with her no matter how much I like her, or how bad I'm hurt if I won't be with her.At least the girl you are talking about you only see her once every week.Is she the same girl who ruined your friendship? I don't know how I'm gonna get over her, but one of her friends told me that if I wanna get over her, I should be talking about all the bad things about her, and I should go out with someone else.I think that wouldn't work. I so hate it when she hugs my friend and gives me a smile. I think the only reason she goes out with guys is beacuse of their looks and money. I' not allot good looking and I don't have that much money.According to her, I used to be.I had braids in my head for about eight months, and when I got a hair, she hated me and nicknamed me goriller.That's the reason why she broke up with me.I think.I kind of like the nickname Goriller even though it's suppose to hurt me. Do you know any other thing I can Try to get over it? [b][color=blue]Sorry I never ment for the post to be this long.it's just that this whole thing is effecting my head.[/color][/b]
  5. There's this girl that I really really like.I mean, she's my Ex now. Me and her went out for about a week because we were interested in each other, then she broke up with me saying that she wants to know me really good. I became kinda upset and I had lost feelings for her only for a week. Me and her started seeing each other again, this time, I really have true feelings for her like I've never had for any girls. Before I went out with her, her friends told me that she just goes out with every body, but I didn't belive it. When me, her and my friends started hanging out together.I saw that she was making moves on them.I thought it weren't gonna go any far until today.She has just started going out with my best friend.It just kills me to see them together. I just think that she's a sl-- who I love. She's going out with my best friend and she's acting all cool like nothing is what's up. I've been trying to lose feelings for her for about two weeks, and I haven't managed it. I wanna try something diff this time.I have never done it before. So does any one know any beer, pills, or grugs I can try to get rid of them? Please try to help me I mean I will be hanging out with them, and I don't want tears in my eyes all the time.
  6. ya...Congratulations. I hope your eyes are just fine. I mean only if you spend too much time on the computer
  7. YO, it's just me/ Dark-Child, the lil' G The young MC I'm better than ever/ I'm sick of these writers, saying they are rappers/ Say good-bye to JusLike_Will, and hello to Dark-Child/ in some ways I'm the same, but the new me is so wild/ Since non of you don't got much talent, like 50 cent/ I will cut your style in half, then say it was an accident/ So, if you wanna battle me, think twice/ And, don't think that I'm gonna be nice/ I don't care if you are [color=red]DA_brakes, 3Cookies, or Tim Rice[/color]/ I'm just gonna, make you pay the price/ ya, I know what's up/ I don't only write and write, I write and rap So don't think that I'm just talkin and walkin because I don't spend much time on the computers/ like many of y'all rap pretenders. I'm not exactly sure of who I'm rapping to/ So give me somebody, and watch me split them in two/ To spit your rhymes against me, you only got one chance/ :afro: Just ounce/ So when you read my lyrics, you better not start to dance.
  8. BIG WILL 2PAc Emienem{D12} 50 cent Nas DMX Obie Trice Dr. Dre there's allot to say
  9. It's gotta be at home under the blanket. I mean where else?
  10. I was just wondering about changing my display name since I'm not exactly like him. My attitude is not like his, I can't keep it clean Like him, and I can't get as much girls as he can. So I was wondering, which one do you think might be good 4 my new one? only out of these: Dark-Child Wild-Child Goriller :afro:
  11. That was oretty good. I'm not sure if anyone knows, But is Will gonna come out with a soundtrack for that Movie? :afro:
  12. Okay, I'm gonna try to keep it real Just like Will You know what this means. :afro: Wait a minute, Cookies, who is your son on this boards.
  13. Same here,I like the old one so much. And I didn't read those posts you warned us, So why did you change it? I don't see anybody telling the reason :afro:
  14. No problem.. Bad Boys 2 Ali Bad Boys Enemy Of State Men in Black(And 2} And all the movies. I just don't get it . Somebody just changed the sites for JJFP without even warning us.. That just made me so mad this morning.Now If I don't have anything to post, I won't be having much of the old posts to read. Does Any one know why? :afro:
  15. I agree with what Will Reign just said. I don't care ..I just wanna battle. :afro:
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