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  1. Thanks guys. But I kind of needed the help before I registered. Right now, I have been having trouble loging in. That's why I'm using this acount.Should I re-register as Wild-Child? I think I messed up with my password or something.It's just cant let me in. I'm so sorry for re-sighning up three times.You guys forgive me? I never ment for this to happen
  2. Damn..that's what I don't want. I don't wanna be known as member # fifty something. But I'm gonna do it anyways. you guys won't 4get that I wasn't that alte signing up right? Anyway, I will be known as Dark-Child. So Prince, Don't cut me off the battle. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :cussing: :cussing:
  3. That's right.You should let her make the fisrt move. The same damn last girl I had thuoght I was rapist when I made the first move. If you really like her so bad, maybe you should be sending her roses and love cards that ain't signed. I have never tried that.So I'm not sure if it's gonna work or not. [b]Just don't get yourself beat up[/b]
  4. Hey Sexywsgirl.The way you put it, it's exactly how she's like. I will try to remember that.Everytime I see them together.I will be saying to myself that I deserve better. I think she doesn't know when she hurt someone's feelings. starting today, I have been trying to act like I'm cool with this whole thing.I'm trying to be my reguler self but I can't.If they are to break-up, I don't want to be the one whose responsible over some girl who wants to go out with all my best friend. I wouldn't have been hurt if she was going out with someone else rather
  5. There's this girl that I really really like.I mean, she's my Ex now. Me and her went out for about a week because we were interested in each other, then she broke up with me saying that she wants to know me really good. I became kinda upset and I had lost feelings for her only for a week. Me and her started seeing each other again, this time, I really have true feelings for her like I've never had for any girls. Before I went out with her, her friends told me that she just goes out with every body, but I didn't belive it. When me, her and my friends started hanging ou
  6. They are awsome man. Three of these pictures, I've never seen them before. :afro: :biggrin:
  7. ya...Congratulations. I hope your eyes are just fine. I mean only if you spend too much time on the computer
  8. YO, it's just me/ Dark-Child, the lil' G The young MC I'm better than ever/ I'm sick of these writers, saying they are rappers/ Say good-bye to JusLike_Will, and hello to Dark-Child/ in some ways I'm the same, but the new me is so wild/ Since non of you don't got much talent, like 50 cent/ I will cut your style in half, then say it was an accident/ So, if you wanna battle me, think twice/ And, don't think that I'm gonna be nice/ I don't care if you are [color=red]DA_brakes, 3Cookies, or Tim Rice[/color]/ I'm just gonna, make you pay the price
  9. BIG WILL 2PAc Emienem{D12} 50 cent Nas DMX Obie Trice Dr. Dre there's allot to say
  10. It's gotta be at home under the blanket. I mean where else?
  11. I was just wondering about changing my display name since I'm not exactly like him. My attitude is not like his, I can't keep it clean Like him, and I can't get as much girls as he can. So I was wondering, which one do you think might be good 4 my new one? only out of these: Dark-Child Wild-Child Goriller :afro:
  12. That was oretty good. I'm not sure if anyone knows, But is Will gonna come out with a soundtrack for that Movie? :afro:
  13. Okay, I'm gonna try to keep it real Just like Will You know what this means. :afro: Wait a minute, Cookies, who is your son on this boards.
  14. Same here,I like the old one so much. And I didn't read those posts you warned us, So why did you change it? I don't see anybody telling the reason :afro:
  15. No problem.. Bad Boys 2 Ali Bad Boys Enemy Of State Men in Black(And 2} And all the movies. I just don't get it . Somebody just changed the sites for JJFP without even warning us.. That just made me so mad this morning.Now If I don't have anything to post, I won't be having much of the old posts to read. Does Any one know why? :afro:
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