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lmao! damn it took u a long time to figure out who the mole is.

NAWW...i was telling snatch since day one to watch you.....he didnt believe me at first...never trust a woman i always say..:)

oh...and i was the one who approached snatch....i figured we should spruce this game up a bit...

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hey this is the first time ive done this, i didnt do it in the last game, but no every1 insisted on restarting so i got bored and decided it would be fun...and it was lol.

Anyway, chief and schnazz cant say anything, i was supposidly in an allience with them and they didnt even tell me they were teamed up.

Im only a cash cow bcoz im actually working for real money. my life doesnt evolve around this game, i enjoy my sleep far too much.

prince your not even in the game so u cant smack talk.

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for those who arnt sure what happened (prince). schnazz pmed me asking me to join his alliance, i didnt want to but then decided to pretent to be in an alliance and then tell Max all the details of schnazz's plan. Chief and schnazz are in an alliance and probably some other people too, but bcoz schnazz wasnt very good at keeping me informed i never found out.

Therefore, i am a spy and a good one at that lol.

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