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schnazz you spent 13000000 on mercenaries? :rofl: :rofl: you realize theres a big downfall to this, which I won't point out :1-smile:

:lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: Hahahahahaha, I find it unendingly funny that yesterday you and max where both laughing at my strategy and today you're both trying to emulate it!

hey i started this big army thing, but then you went all crazy, so what am I supposed to do :blabla:

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This reminds me of a film i saw the other day called battle royale. About a class of kids who were friends, they got forced into a game on an island. They had to kill each other and the only person left was the winner and could go home.

Some refused and killed themselves (prince lol), some went mad and killed thier friends, others just did nothing and waited to die. They all had different stratergies, most which didnt work lol. A lot like this game haha. Things are getting crazy.

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k...this is the way i see it so far

max is chunk...cuz ya know hes got mad truffle shuffle skills

snatch is sloth...well...hes just big and dumb

me...im one eyed jack....got mad loot.....just sitting on the bottom rotting away...


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