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I do love the fact that the whole incident sent you scurrying to see what happened.

scurrying? please i was and still am positive that Schnazz can't do anything against me. that day in the chat room with you we already knew what happened and we were saying things to play along with your little game of lies that you were telling us.

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wow....ya cant fake those at all..no sir....that is great non editing skills...but i digress

I anticipated such a response. The problem is, I'm more than certain others were spying on you and Schnazz as well. On Schnazz, because he was talking a lot of trash at the time, and you, because you were a strong player at the time. I don't need to edit the logs to prove my point... others will have the same information from March 21st on you and Schnazz that I did. Editing isn't even a factor. But you didn't stop to think of that.

Schnazz is right, we weren't in an alliance and I didn't give him all of my gold and weapons..... You really need to learn better interrogating skills. You should have asked 'Are you now or were you ever'. There's no past tense to it, we're still allied. And it should have been 'recieve ~any~ gold/armor' not all. I kept a bit back to buy myself something nice.

I do love the fact that the whole incident sent you scurrying to see what happened. And even now, there is a bit of uncertainty. There you have it sir.

Lol, I'm not concerned about the technicals. I knew for a fact that you two were working together or had worked together, so Schnazz's denial was of little importance. I did want to provide an illustration though. I've been waiting to do that since that evening I was talking to you in the chat room and could tell you were lying through your teeth. I went back to check my logs on the two of you, and behold... evidence.

We also formulated the "ban Schnazz" plan to see how you'd respond. Our hypothesis was that if you really felt Schnazz had cheated, you would have kept quiet about it and would have provided all of the info necessary to ban him. Instead, you went from "anger," (which was poorly done by the way) to uncertainty and you put it on blast in the thread, failing to keep it quiet.

I then thought back to the pms you sent me earlier that morning, and remembered that I found your loquaciousness to be somewhat odd and suspicious at the time before Schnazz had attacked. Poor acting.

Oh, and by the way, that was me sabotaging your stuff Chief, but that was again to see how you'd respond... and to mess with you too. :wiggle: The hypothesis there was that you would suspect that someone sabotaged your weapons and would blame either me or someone else if you were working with Schnazz, which you did. Your mistake was that my initial sabotage took place with Schnazz online. The first person you should have accused was Schnazz since he had just "attacked" you, only, you wouldn't accuse him if you two had worked, or were working together. Thanks for your help. I was toying with you. Wes found it quite funny.

As for scurrying, you know better than anyone that I don't scurry. And Schnazz still hasn't done anything of note in this game other than to scare a few who didn't know from the beginning that you gave him all your money...

Oh, by the way, when someone attacks you... they never steal all of your cash. That's the first thing I noticed, even before the weapons transfer...

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so you did lie then.....wow....oh...and yes you did scurry..cuz look how long you posted about this subject....


Look who's talking about lying... Lol

As I've said, no one's scurrying...

By the way, you haven't responded to my "editing" of the logs... Didn't think that one through all the way huh? :rofl:

..cuz look how long you posted about this subject....


Hahahahahahahahaha, exactly!!!! lol

Someone's overcompensating...

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get over yourself max....i dont care about the editing thing...its not an issue...so no need to "Think that all the way through"...it was priceless nonetheless....

Lol, you the one who mentioned it, so basically, you're saying that you were wasting words? Your admission, not mine considering the fact that you're the one who brought up the possibility of me tampering with the logs in the first place.


What I haven't figured out is why you did it. Were you tired of the game? Did Schnazz come to you with a plan, saying that he would reimburse you after he destroyed everyone else? Did you want to practice your lying? You need more practice by the way if this is the case...

And how do you feel now that it seems Schnazz has had to change his plans? Originally, he planned to sabotage everyone straight up... that was clear from the way he was playing the game... But now, it seems that he's attempting to exhaust the number of mercenaries in the game so that he can build up his half hourly money rate, buy weapons, and most likely sabotage people? Are you cheering him on? I hope you are... He's going to need it.

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...Originally, he planned to sabotage everyone straight up...

lol, I love how you miraculously figure out my plans after your spies tell you what I'm up to! :lolsign:

Well it was pretty easy to see you upping your covert skills from day two. You didn't think I would notice? And it's still pretty easy to see what you're doing now... It's not rocket science... All it took was a good covert status, some stealph horses and some experimenting with other players to see what it would take for large scale sabotaging to work. Sorry Ace... yeah, that was me...


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