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new army mod!


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im not taking a shot at u, at least not yet.

Im sure every1 else will take a shot at u tho, bragging about your stolen daggers and cheap shots, annoying ppl will get them angry and then they attack u. Your mind games only work against u.

Prince, you're in trouble now... Julie's mad at you... You're probably going to get kicked out of the Alliance for attacking a member and then bragging about it... It's downhill from here.

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Fact is... The only people in this game that can touch me are Chief, Hero1 and MaxFly. The rest of the 'Alliance' (which is corrupt anyway) can't do a thing.

Sux for you because members of the Alliance are likely to act on the behalf of other members... and considering two of the three people you just mentioned are members of the Alliance... You might as well head over and join Chief, Schnazz, and rad... whatever his name is.

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