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new army mod!


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its based on kings of chaos..

you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves or orcs. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy warlords and take their gold! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack up to everyone else.

To build up your attack and defense strength, you must recruit soldiers and equip them with weapons. You may also hire mercenaries or train your soldiers. To recruit soldiers you must have people click on your unique link (you can find this in your Command Center). Each time you recruit an additional soldier, your attack and defense strength will increase slightly, as will the amount of gold you receive per turn. Also, for every two recruits each of your officers gets, you will receive an additional soldier! The number of officers you can have is unlimited, so the more people who sign up to be your officer the faster you can build your army.

In addition to those soldiers generated by unique link clicks, you can choose to conscript soldiers - once a day you will recruit a number of soldiers determined by your current 'unit production' value. This value can be upgraded on the Training page.

To train your soldiers, use the Training page. Soldiers can be trained to be specialists in either attack or defense - whichever you choose, they will boost that ranking further, while ceasing to contribute to the other ranking. You can also train soldiers to become spies, which will be discussed in more detail later. In this case they cease to contribute to your attack/defense strength and the amount of gold you get per turn, as instead they are being kept in readiness for any covert missions you may choose to send them on.

You can hire mercenaries on the Mercenaries page, but only up to a strength of 25% of your total force - so for every 3 normal soldiers you gain, you can hire one more mercenary. Mercenaries contribute to your attack or defense strength, but do not contribute to the amount of gold you gain each turn.

Weaponry can be purchased (and repaired, sold or scrapped) on the Armory page. For each race there are various weapons available for both attacking and defending, becoming increasingly expensive as they become more effective. The exact strength of each weapon in your armory is dependent upon its state of repair (weapons become damaged during battles and must be repaired to remain fully effective), and also your level of siege technology and fortifications. Higher levels of siege technology and fortifications raise the strength of every single weapon you possess, so they are well worth upgrading. You can upgrade your siege and fortification levels on the Command Center page.

Covert Action is a general term for your Spy and Sentry ratings. Your force of spies becomes more powerful by training soldiers to be spies. Every spy you train increases your spy strength, and therefore helps you move up in spy ranking. Also, if you conduct many espionage missions spies will sometimes get caught, so you will need to replace them. If your spy rating is high, you will be able to see more players' gold on the battlefield without having to spy on them. Your force of sentries becomes more powerful by training soldiers to be sentries. Every sentry you train increases your sentry rating. The higher your sentry rating, the harder it is for other players to see your gold on the battlefield, spy on you or sabotage your weapons. If you invest in spies or sentries you should upgrade your covert skill when you can. Upgrading applies to your entire force of spies and sentries. Upgrading covert skill, training spies and training sentries can all be done one the Training page.

Each race in Kings of Chaos has a particular area in which they excel. These can work to your advantage in gaining higher rankings, so it is worth considering them before choosing your race:

Humans earn 20% more gold each turn than the other three races. Since this can be used for just about anything, it is very flexible.

Elves are 22% better at covert action than any other race. This can be a great advantage when spying on or sabotaging other people's armies.

Orcs attack with 30% more strength than the other races. The advantages to this are obvious, giving you a much better chance of defeating other armies in combat.

Dwarves are 35% stronger at defending than any other race. This makes it more likely that they will withstand enemy attacks, enabling them to keep their gold for themselves.

If you are ready to start playing as commander of your own army, then click here to create an account.

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Quick Start Guide


In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of humans, elves, dwarves or orcs. To be successful, you must manage your army and defeat your enemies. You must keep your troops in top condition and recover from losses. A powerful army will be strong in all four aspects of the game: attacking, defending, spying, and counter-intelligence. This makes it important to keep your forces and efforts relatively balanced in all these areas. There are a number of ways to build your army and thus generate more gold and become more powerful: you can get people to click on your Unique Link, giving you an additional soldier each time it is clicked. You can also recruit other people as your officers - for every two soldiers your officers gain from their links, you will gain an extra soldier. You may also buy mercenaries - soldiers that will fight for you but will not generate extra gold.

Getting Started (Creating/Activating your account)

To create an account and establish your presence in the Land of Chaos you must register and activate your username. To do this click the "Register" link in the Menu Bar on the left, fill out the requested information including an email address you have access to. You will then be sent an email with instructions on how to activate your Kings of Chaos account. Once you've done this, you are ready to log in and command your army. Congratulations! You are now a warlord in Kings of Chaos.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains most of the important features and tools of Kings of Chaos. Located on the left of the page, it allows you to navigate through different aspects of your army and manage your forces.

Command Center

The Command Center is where you can see a broad outline of your forces.

User Info shows your general contact information.

Military Overview Shows you general military stats, such as what your siege level is at and what fortifications you have. It also shows you how much gold you have and how much you are generating.

Officers that you may have show up under this heading. Officers help build your army, and you may also choose to work with them as close allies.

Military Effectiveness shows you your Attack, Defense, Spy, and Sentry ratings, as well as how you are ranked against other KOC players in these categories. This section shows you how well you are doing and how you stack up to other players in each aspect of the game.

Personnel shows you how your forces are distributed.

Previous Logins gives you the IP addresses and times of the last five logins to your account.

Preferences is where you go to modify the setting on your account. Be very careful in this section - many of the changes here cannot be undone.

Your Recruiting Link is found at the bottom of the Command Center. This is the primary method many players use to build their armies. Give this link to your friends and once per day a person can click it. Each time your link is clicked you will get an additional soldier and the person who clicked it will be invited to become your officer. For every two clicks any of your officers get, you will receive another additional soldier - this means getting officers can be a big way to boost your army size.


When you wish to venture out beyond the safety of your fortifications, click the Attack button. Here, you will view the Battlefield, a listing of other players ranked near you. The amount of gold in a player's treasury will be displayed if your Spy Rating is much larger than the opponent's Sentry Rating. You can page through the battlefield and search for other armies to attack or spy on. Once you click on a player's name you will see their User Stats, where you can see basic info about the player, any officers the player has, and you can recognize the player as friend, neutral, enemy, alliance member, or ignored if you wish to ignore all messages from them. From the User Stats panel you can choose to send a personal message, or conduct an attack, recon, or sabotage mission.

Attack Mission - If you attack successfully, you will steal a portion of the enemy's available gold based on how many attack turns you used, the damage you inflicted, and the relative sizes of your armies. There is also a chance that you or your opponent will suffer casualties, based on army size and damage inflicted.

Reconnaissance Mission - You can conduct Recon missions to view info about an opponent's fortifications and forces. The chance that the mission is a success is dependant on the overall strength of the spies you send, as well as the enemy's Sentry Rating. If the mission is not a success you will sometimes lose a portion of the spies you sent.

Sabotage Mission - If your opponent has overwhelming defensives or has been relentlessly assaulting you, perhaps you may choose to engage in sabotage. In these missions, when you send a number of spies you specify what type and quantity weapons you want to try to sabotage. If your spies make it past enemy sentries they will attempt to sabotage part of the enemy's armory. If you attempt to sabotage too much of the enemy's armory the sabotage will likely fail, and no sabotage mission is guaranteed to be successful.

Personnel and Military Effectiveness - When you are preparing to attack, you are also shown your army stats again so you can make sure you want to go through with the mission, and in the case of covert missions, how many spies you have to dedicate to the task.

Attack Log

Here you can see details of ingoing and outgoing attacks. This can be a very useful way to see how much offensive and defensive damage you do on average, who you need to try to get protection from, or what armies you have had success with in the past. In your attack log you will see Attacks on You and Attacks on Others, and you will be able to page through the attacks if there are too many to fit on one screen.


Your Armory is where you keep track of your weapons, and keep them in fighting condition.

Current Weapon Inventory is where you see the weapons you currently own, as well as their strengths. If your weapons are damaged, it is cheaper to repair them than to buy new ones. You can also sell weapons at a reduced rate for gold.

Current Tool Inventory is where you see the tools for sentries and spies that you currently own. You can also sell spy and sentry tools at a reduced rate.

Buy Weapons allows you to purchase new weapons for your forces. In general, the more expensive a weapon is, the stronger it is. Some weapons are unique to your race, while others can be bought by anyone.

Buy Tools allows you to purchase new tools for your spies and sentries, making them much more effective.

Upgrade Fortifications is where you can strengthen your permanent defenses. This makes it much more difficult to be attacked successfully. Fortifications strengthen your defensive units as a whole.

Upgrade Siege Technology allows you to purchase new technologies to attack your opponents. This strengthens your army as a whole.


Personnel shows you how many soldiers, mercenaries, spies, sentries, etc you have.

Train Your Troops allows you train your untrained soldiers to be attack or defense specialists, or to be skilled in the subterfuge of spies and sentries. Here you can also revert any attack or defense soldiers to regular units.

Upgrade Covert Skill makes all of your spies and sentries more powerful - it is a very effective way to increase the power of your covert forces.

Upgrade Unit Production allows you to conscript soldiers from the local populace - each day this number of soldiers will join your forces.


Your intelligence files are similar to your attack log, but they give you details of covert missions from and against you. Here you see details of Intercepted Intelligence Operations as well as Intelligence Files from missions you have conducted.


On this page you can see the details of your current troops, and you can hire mercenaries. Mercenaries can be hired as attack specialists, defence specialists, or all-purpose troops. Once hired, they cannot be retrained. Mercenaries cannot be spies, and do not contribute to the amount of gold you receive each turn, but they do boost your attack and/or defence strength (depending on what type of training they have). Mercenaries become available for hire at the start of each turn, but their numbers are limited and so there are often none available shortly after that. You can only have 25% of your army consisting of mercenaries.

Buddy List

The buddy list can be used to keep track of people who you recognize as either neutral, friend, enemy, ignored or alliance members. You can recognize players via the drop down on their stats page.


The Logout option on the menu will log you out from Kings of Chaos. This is useful if your computer is used by more than one person, to prevent others from accessing your Kings of Chaos account. If you stop using the site for a length of time, you will be automatically logged out anyway - this is to help reduce the load on the extremely busy KoC webserver.


The Send Message page is accessed from a user's stats page, by clicking on the Send Message button. You are then presented with a page which has areas for you to enter a subject and a message to be sent to that user.

When someone has sent you a message in this fashion, you will notice the message indicator beneath the main menu will change to show how many new messages you have waiting for you. To read them, simply click on the red number and you will be taken to the Read Messages page. The most recent message will appear at the top of the page, with older messages beneath it in reverse order of receipt. You can use the buttons on the right to Reply to or Delete each message.

more info here


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