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Yeah. I think it would soothe everybodies consciences.

Ok everyone, here's what happened. This morning, before church, I attacked Chief and took 303,403 Gold, then I came back, and he was again building up for some weapon of mass destruction... Poor Definition, who was saving up for a tower, lost a whole bunch in gold to Chief... At the time, Chief had aquired almost 500,000... so naturally, I attacked and took 481,857 Gold.

My question is, do I owe him an apology or anything?

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wait, so u took a total of 884,000 gold from Chief? thats highway robbery!! i dont think u really owe him an apology tho cuz its just part of the game. thats why people who are saving up gotta be careful that other people aren't online and lurking just waiting for someone to get a large amount of gold so they can steal it all.

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