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Will On BET's 106th & Park

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As u know, Will waz on BET's 106th & Park today. I couldn't get the audio or the video, but here's the text. Will mentioned the first single (which comes out in 6 weeks) is called "Switch". Will waz wearin a fly dark red hat, white t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Will starts off dumb dancin' then he does a little robot dance...haha.
I tried 2 catch as much as I could out of the interview.

Will: I got a single comin' out in about 6 weeks, i got a record comin' out, so i gotta hold off u know i gotta hold off...i'm comin' wit the heat right!


[color=blue]Free: So how u been? How's your family?[/color]
Will: I'm good, everybody is great.
[color=blue]Free: Yeah u been workin' hard u been doin all kinds of movies.[/color]
WIll: We actually just finished shootin a movie in the city, with Eva Mendes.
[color=blue]Free: Now I know u said u'd be workin on new music.[/color]
Will: Yeah, u know about 6 weeks I got my new joint, it's comin it's called "Switch".
[color=blue]Free: So, "Switch"? It's already recorded?[/color]
Will: Already recorded, already done. Actually Kwame made the track, u know...he got heat, he got heat.
[color=blue]Free: And how many years has it been now that u've been in the music business?[/color]
Will: This year it makes 18. 18 years now...I'm still doin it u know!
[color=blue]Free: That's incredible. That's just your love.[/color]
Will: I'ma just do it til' I can't do it no more.

*Goes 2 break, comes back, they show a clip of a scene from I,Robot*

[color=blue]Free: So tell me about the movie...I,Robot.[/color]
Will: I,Robot, it's set in 2035 in Chicago. So like, 31 years into the future and it's in Chicago, um, like how everybody has Ipods and computers today, and everybody has personal robots. I play a detective who's investigating the first ever robot-human murder. Cuz robots aren't supposed 2 be able 2 hurt human beings. I'm the only person who thinks that this robot may have done it. So I look a lil' crazy.
[color=blue]Free: Now, u always choose like, the science fiction, futuristic movies. As a kid, were u always into that?[/color]
Will: Star Wars wrecked me when I waz little. I saw like, just a level of imagination in Star Wars. I couldn't believe that somebody could think that stuff up and put in on the screen when I saw it. So my whole career I've been tryin'a get that thing that makes other people feel like Star Wars made me feel.
[color=blue]Free: U did it! Now, when u doin' a movie like that and you're readin a script like, do u think in your head like, "that is gonna be a reality 4 humans in the future"?[/color]
Will: Well what u try 2 do is try and get as close as u can make it FEEL like reality. So u know, we did all of our robot research and all of that. There's alot of companies out there, yeah, trust me there's robots in the world right now! The companies are really producin' robots. Honda is producin a robot and there's lots of Japanese companies. It's not that far off.
[color=blue]Free: Wouldn't it be harmful with what happened in the movie, happenin 4 real?[/color]
Will: Nah, I'm here baby. I'm here.
Free: Good! *Laughs*


[color=blue]Free: Welcome back, we got Will Smith in the place! Well, we gotta talk about I,Robot. We got a scene from the movie.[/color]
Will: Yeah, this is in the tunnel chase where this is the first scene where I actually see the robots are physically doin' somethin they ain't supposed 2 be doin'. They're not followin the 3 laws. In this scene, it's cool cuz nothin in this scene is real except me and the inside of the car. Everything else is CGI. Computer Generated Images in this scene.

*They show the scene.* (U can watch that scene [url="http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/i_robot/clips/clip1.html"]Here[/url])

[color=blue]Free: So ALL of that is completely CGI![/color]
Will: Yeah, all CGI, and the car never moves.
[color=blue]Free: So you're REALLY acting. How long did it take 2 make the movie?[/color]
Will: That's about 7 months. 7 months of shooting. Then there's 7 months of the CGI work.
[color=blue]Free: Wow. Now, I know u do your own stunts.[/color]
Will: I do alot of my own stunts. Yeah, I got a great stunt guy. Randy Leroy.
[color=blue]Free: But...u did some yourself?[/color]
Will: I did some of 'em, yeah. I like 2 do just as much as I can do. Just right 2 the edge of...of dying. Then let somebody else do it.
[color=blue]Free: Did u get hurt this time?[/color]
Will: I crashed a motorcyle. That sorta stopped me from doin the rest of my stunts.
[color=blue]Free: Did u have a helmet on?[/color]
Will: Yeah, cuz, u know..at some point u just bein stupid.
[color=blue]Free: Was Jada on set while this waz happening?[/color]
Will: Nah, she wazn't. But I called her...I waz cool tho'! It just looked bad, but I waz straight.
[color=blue]Free: Alright, that's good. Now this is the first movie ever that there is a nude scene with Will Smith. Now, how waz that 4 u?[/color]
Will: It's a lil' uncomfortable, cuz...u know, I waz a lil' naked. But what they do tho', is like, u gotta tape ya stuff up. What they do is they put the duct tape on the stuff then they spray the color...u know, it's just not fun at all. U know, but it's the comin' OFF, the tape comin' OFF is alot worse than the tape goin on.
[color=blue]Free: Somebody's gotta make somethin that takes that off a lil'...[/color]
Will: A lil' easier, yeah.
[color=blue]Free: Now how did Jada feel about u doin' a nude scene.[/color]
Will: Shoot I look good she had me on know. She said all the time, she said, "Don't no woman want a man that another woman doesn't want."
[color=blue]Free: I know that's right. Now also I hear that u had the most expensive trailer ever. What makes this trailer so expensive that people are writing about it?[/color]
Will: No, I mean they hooked me up, it's a nice trailer... u know, u gotta have all that...I would definitely be the king of the trailer park.

[color=blue]Free: Now, the election is on and everybody's into makin' sure they're votin, and I know you're doin' a few things, they makin sure they registered. Now usually we do this, if u got 20 seconds 2 tell people about this, what would u say, go ahead.[/color]
Will: I think that it's hugely important who's in the office, and it makes a huge different almost 2 the individual dollars in your pocket who's gon' be in that office. There's different points of view and u do gotta be a lil' educated u gotta learn a little bit about the guys u gotta learn a little bit about who these people are cuz it will affect your life. We're a huge percentage of the military so when soldiers get sent somewhere it's gon' be our brothers, our sisters and cousins and friends so...we gotta be damn certain, WHY they're gettin sent there. U gotta vote, u gotta know who's in that office and why.

There's a bit more, I'll post the rest in a bit!!
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[color=blue]Free: Now, u felt like America's reputation internationally is just bein drugged so they sent u 2 reach out 2 secretary general Kofi Annan but did u really make that call or what did u say?[/color]
Will: U know, I travel alot, and I've been travelin 4 alot of years and hearin how different people view America, how different people see America and Americans and specifically black Americans, people view us around the world as "the ones who have done it, like we came up". But, u know I've been 2 South America and Ghana and just the way that the people around the world look at specifically black Americans is that "we came up, we arrived, like we beat the giant". U know, we are a minority in a country and we make laws, so I feel like we need 2 use that energy and we have 2 use that power and it's kinda bein dragged in the mud around the world a lil' bit right now so it's just important 2 me and callin Kofi Annan, just use me. I feel like I've just created some international power and I wanna use it 4 good.
[color=blue]Free: I read somewhere that u just realized that all these movies and all this music is great but u have a bigger purpose. What made u get 2 that point.[/color]
Will: U know really there's not a logical or intellectual answer 2 that but just, intuitively I feel that makin' music and the success I've had with movies and all of that is a training ground 4 me. I just think that, there's bigger and more powerful, important things that I can be doin and I WILL be doin in the world. I'm waitin' 4 my calling.
[color=blue]Free: Will Smith 4 the people![/color]


[color=blue]Free: Now, Spider-Man 2 is also out and, do u ever feel like there's some competition?[/color]
Will: Yeah, it's not a direct competition, but u know...I'm used 2 havin the number 1 movie of the year so, u know...it throws me off a lil' bit. Spider-Man is just ridiculous, those numbers are just insane. But, u know I feel very confident that we got a better movie. I,Robot is a better movie.
[color=blue]Free: Now you're like, Mr. 4th of July. So much Mr. 4th of July that they re-release every one of your movies on that same date. How come they didn't put this on the 4th of July?[/color]
Will: Yeah, u know we were gonna put it out on the 4th of July but there waz technical issues. Because technically Spider-Man waz scheduled on the 4th of July. We got the hell away from that thing. U gotta get away. U can't front on Spider-Man.


[color=blue]Free: So, u just finished a movie, I,Robot's out, what are u doin now?[/color]
Will: Well we're goin on a tour. What the film companies do now is their doin day and date. Everything is released same day same date. So I'm travelin around, and I got 8 countries in 13 days. Mexico City, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow...
[color=blue]Free: How many passports u got?[/color]
Will: I got one big fat one. Y'all gotta travel. They got 99 dollar tickets 2 anyone in the world.
[color=blue]Free: What airline is that?![/color]
Will: Hah, u gotta travel it's just like seein so much in the world and what u can bring back home after u, but...travelin' is the best. U gotta get out. If u got 4 or 5 days sittin around, u gotta go out somewhere.
[color=blue]Free: So do u start another project soon?[/color]
Will: I'm currently unemployed. I haven't found my next movie yet.
[color=blue]Free: I think u'll be OK.[/color]
Will: Yeah. *laughs* I'ma find somethin.
[color=blue]Free: So you're just gonna relax, go on vacation somewhere...[/color]
Will: Yeah, just hang wit the kids, u know.
[color=blue]Free: Where do u go on vacation cuz u've been everywhere?[/color]
Will: I like Miami. That's my town right there. Keep it in the states, Miami is the truth.
[color=blue]Free: Well u get some vacation. U been workin hard. Will Smith y'all![/color]
Will: Absolutely baby. Thank u thank u, I,ROBOT! TODAY Y'ALL!! TODAY!
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Yo Thanx for the interview!!!!!!
Its really good to read interviews from US TV shows,... :dancingcool:

Yeah I really think that "Switch" means the switch back to oldskool hiphop.
His music is switching back to Oldskool.

JJFP Rocks The House
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  • Admin
[quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 17 2004, 07:02 AM]YESSSS BIG WILLS COMIN TO LONDON BABY!!!

thanx 4 that!!! im happy now.[/quote]
i bet jeff and will are gonna perform in london aswell!! i'll try and find out what date 4 u guys 2morrow... :thumb:
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