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I'm Looking For The One To Be With Me (Remix)

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SUUP everyone, I was listening to this song today and I remembered that when DJ JJ+FP radio was still on or maybe it still is i dunno, but there was a remix of this song that was like more R&B sounding playing it was sooo smoooth does anyone know what i'm talking about? Anyone have it? where could I get it if not? thanks :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

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There is no real remix of "I'm Looking For The One." The 12" Mix, which is longer, like Tim mentioned, has more vocals in it and dosen't have 2 many (if any) breakdowns in the beat (where they take alot of the music out from under the vocals). The Video Version and Single Edit are just shorter with different parts where they break the beat down. The Percapella is the acapella with percussion.

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