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what if we released tell me why ourselves?


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:word: we should promote more than just "tell me why", if we spread quite a few songs out there, it'll get people interested in the album again...

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of coruse the good song, the party tracks r saturated, my ppl need to make their brains work, those tracks r perfect!

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unless any of us have a radio station or a tv program, we won't be able to reach that many people, probably only few thousand at the most, it's like when independent artists post stuff online, they only reach a handful of people, there's so many sites, it's not like 1 million people are gonna come visit your myspace especially if you ain't a celebrity but you could get 1 million people listening to the radio, face it "lost and found" won't go anything past shipping platinum unless interscope does something or will does an interview on mtv talking in depth about "lost and found" again that'll get repeated on there over and over but i don't think hell froze over yet, the media controls the sales of the industry, the stuff that gets pushed the most sold the most on the most part, i definately think our word of mouth definately helped sell a few thousand albums over these months though...besides a lot of these people online bought the album already, i've seen nothing but love for "lost and found" on these music forums, but i dunno maybe it'll have them buy it again, maybe we should buy it again too :kekeke: i hardly see anybody give praise to eminem, bow wow, or 50 cent online, most of their fans never go online and that's the fanbase that needs "lost and found" in their life but it's impossible to reach them... i tried to figure out how eminem's "encore" sold 5 million when i see so many people on forums trashing it but then i see his videos on TV all the time, most of the people who buy the albums ain't really fans, they're just bandwagon people who just buy the albums that get advertised so they'll look cool but they don't wanna register to post on that artist's forum though, only the hardcore fans do and em's hardcore fans from his forum also said that will got em hard on "mr. nice guy" just like bow wow's hardcore fans said that will got bow wow hard in that comment he made...

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I think it's more important 2 back "Tell Me Why." When we see that we are making a minor impact, then we should worry about branching out and putting other songs out there. We also gotta make sure that we don't put half of the album out there 4 people 2 download.

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how many people listen to the podcasts, a few thousand? that's basically the only amount of people that'll pay attention to our promotion anyway, we don't own a radio station or a tv outlet, it's gonna be a minimal impact, a lot of them probably have the album already too... the main thing is to get people to listen to will, even if they don't buy the albums, we just wanna expose them to some quality hip-hop...

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