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Interview with JJFP!!

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here is mine: :nhawong: In da song i'm comin, you you said you wanna be the first ever black president of America, R u still thinkin about it?????????

R U ever gonna come up wit a hip-pop movie??if so, who do you wanna work with??

still more questions to come..I just want time to think

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From your entire music catalog, what are your top 3 favorite songs?

If you could change anything about your time with Columbia Records, what would it be?

What mainstream artists would u like 2 work with?
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great questions in here ..

here are mine
1) Have you ever missed the 80´s and early 90´s and your time with jeff?

2) I´m interested in how many tracks did you made in you´re whole life and how many of them were really released (hard question ;) ) ?

3) I´ve heard rumours that you want to stop making movies in the next time and just concentrate on your music .. anything real on this ?

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[quote=Da Brakes,Jul 15 2004, 07:50 AM]Would you consider collaborations with artist such as LL, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte??
good 1..i would have forgotten that... keep the questions coming
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Ahhh man we need more important ones here...i like the ones y'all said but we dunno how much time Tim will have so lets cover the real ones...lol..

[b]1.[/b]Will there ever be a [b]6th Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince[/b] album to follow from 1993's Code Red?

[b]2.[/b]Now that your off Columbia, Will you return to the name "Fresh Prince"?

[b]3.[/b]Will you ever collaborate with LL Cool J, Queen Latifah?

[b]4.[/b]Is there ever going to be a [b]Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince[/b] global tour?

[b]5.[/b]Why wasn't "Scream" performed live?

[b]6.[/b]Ask about Code Red and like what they think of it 11 years later. Talk about it because nobody in the media does.

[b]7.[/b]Have they ever seen this forum and ask if they wanna join. Seems like FP would definatly join since hes a computer geek. lol.

[b]8.[/b]What was their favorite Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince song they ever did and why?

[b]9.[/b]Ask FP if he will ever stop acting and just focus on music for awhile

[b]10.[/b]Definatly ask about [b]Unreleased MATERIAL[/b] and ask if we will ever get a chance to listen to it.

[b]11.[/b]Is there ever gonna be a DVD collection with their videos and concerts and live performances? Edited by DevilsJim89
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I got some for them:
1. What rap artists careers besides yours have y'all admired the most and why?
2. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl this year, will y'all perform at the Super Bowl Parade? Go Eagles!
3. What do y'all think about Shaq going to the Heat?
4. What was your most memorable performance together on tour back in the days?
5. What is your most memorable album that y'all made together?
6. Hey Will, I know you played Muhamad Ali in a movie, what other athlete would you wanna potray in a movie and why?
7. Hey Jeff, what other artist besides Will have you enjoyed the most collaborating with?
8. Are y'all gonna still be performing and rocking the house in your 70's like James Brown's doing right now?
9. Hey Will, if you had to go back and change something in one of your movies which one would it be and why?
10. Hey Jeff, what would you do if you weren't a DJ and why?
11. Also ask them if they would consider collaborating with KRS-ONE, Rakim, or Naughty By Nature. Edited by bigted
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Hey Will!!

1) I know u did a lot of battles back in the day.
I would like to know against whom you battled. I just heard about your battle
against Steady B.

2) Jeff, Have you ever take part in further DJ battle since 1986?

JJFP Rocks The House
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:dancingcool: Yo, defcem... I also heard about dis battle against Steady B... probably u heard it from me on willsmith.de... however... TIM... ask Will this! Against whom he battled back in da days?

Then ask Jeff, if he is planning a dj-club tour through europe (germany!).. is a jjfp tour planned? don't think so, but ask them!

Then ask Jeff, why he doesn't work with a tribe called Quest, when he is such a big fan of them? Would be incredible! What does he think of da new generation of producerz? Jaylib, Scott Storch, Kanye West and so on....

Whaz going on at A touch of Jazz? whaz new, what happenes with the new album "sondtrack to da city"?

Salute them from me! lol

Fresh Stecki
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