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Some seames on clean Will S. image?


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That's kinda low that the Furious Five'd sue Will, he looked up to them, I'm sure they coulda called them up without even going to court and Will'd gladly cut up a check for his heroes...

btw, Chuck D sued DJ Priemere a few years ago for samplin' his voice over a track that Biggie raps over crack without Chuck's consent, Chuck didn't like that 'cause he didn't condone what Biggie was talkin' about in that song, I'm surprised he gives props to Jay-Z 'cause he raps about the same things, maybe Chuck has softened over the years over that...

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Personally I think that Will was young person & he did some mistakes, like with RRC. Maybe it's only his fault, maybe not. I don't know.

Story with Furious Five is about using their sample. In Will music we can hear many samples from different songs. Probably F5 weren't so popular like Will & maybe they hadn't so much money like Will. So they tried to earn some money by Will. I don't know but for sure Will seen project of his cd before publishing it. hmmm....... it's hard to say. We can guessing long time.

Truly, Will is only a human. He also is making stupid mistakes etc. It's important that he is trying to do positive things....... but I was suprised when I read that, becouse I didn't hear about it earlier.

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Nobody in the world is perfect...

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because he even takes the lives of people that dont deserve to die and plus he makes mistakes like not findin a cure for AIDs

:lolsign: I think that he have a plan for everyone. Some people suffer more then others, but they are stronger etc. People suffer on earth but they have place in haven. & AIDS it's not good argument, really. He is so powerfull that for sure he know cure for AIDS, just use your imaginate. People can't think on so hight level like God.

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