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New JJFP Drawing


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I had a lot of free time today, so I made a new JJFP drawing. One thing that kinda sux is I didn't space it out enough. I made it too close to the top, so part of Jazzy Jeff's head is cut off :rofl: I think it turned out alright though. Let me know what ya think. Thanks for looking.

Picture I based my drawing after:



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Yup Jeff looks very good... Will is a little... fat.

Thanks for the input. I changed Will to make him look a lil thinner. I will post a different pic later today. Thanks for all the compliments guys.

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we should have a drawing competition :wiggle:

Good idea Tim. I was kinda thinking bout a drawing contest earlier, but I didn't think anyone would participate. That would be fun though.

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I like this drawing too. I didn't think that Will looked too big or fat in it, because you drew the pic a bit bigger than the original so it proportioned out pretty good ...in my artist eyes. haha... :2thumbs:

if u guys have a contest, try to get one pic for everybody to draw their rendition or interpretation of it...

and I have the perfect picture for starters...

I would REALLY like to see a JJFP drawing contest... whoo hoo! I wouldn't participate in the contest tho...but I'm an artist and would love to see everyone's work of art!



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Yeah, if we do a contest or something, I think we should just be able to draw any JJFP picture we want (no offence). I think that would make the contest way more interesting. Creativity would be a big part of it. Then we could have a certain number of judges or just have everyone not in the contest just say the one they like the most. This just a suggestion.

Also thanks for the compliment on my Before The Willenium cover drawing cookie. But I think one reason why he dosen't look fat is I kinda changed my drawing to make Will look thinner and reposted the pic. Thanks for the compliment though :2thumbs:

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