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Bow Wow goes at Will yet again


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Bow Wow...He was on a Song and in a Clip with Jojo whos 14 years old. I ain`t having no beef with Jojo. The funny thing of that collabo is that he`s like over 18 and is just a lil bigger than here. And it`s getting better.. She writes most of here lyrics on her own. He doesn`t. You know.. Why did he dropped the Lil? :lolsign:

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I want 2 see Jada put the smack down on Bow Wow. But then again that wouldn't be a fair fight. Jada can benchpress his skinny butt.

Bow Wow looks like a 12yr old and is about the size of a 12yr old. Trey can beat down Bow Wow :lol: :rofl:

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A month or two ago, I was under the impression that he looked up to Will. Times sure have seemed to change, it is because of Will that Bow Wow even has the opportunity to do movies. Not to mentioned, he only has a career because someone else wrote his rhymes. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.

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well I guess in "mr. nice guy part 2" will may have a little section for him.

:word: :rofl: This thread is hilarious :rofl:

Wow. I think that by Bow Wow putting other superior rappers down, he is just trying to feel a lil better about himself. Maybe if he wasn't so full of himself, he would realize what he is actually saying. Why doesn't he just try to focus on his own music? I think Will needs to knock some sense into him :bat: :thumbsup: ;)

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Man.... Bow Wow SUX ! What a sucker!... not 4 his comment, but cuz he apparantly is a follower, and going along with other's opinions... cuz he hasn't been in the game long enough to even validate a STRONG opinion one way or the other...LOL.

The worst thing abt his little comments (to me), is the idea that he's talkin like hes so experienced, and full of knowledge. hahaha. And has no absolute clue, asides what he's prolly been hearing other ppl around him say....

Sometymes kids repeat things they "Hear",...to seem cool, or for ppl to think he's "with it"...

regardless of the source or how true it may or may not be... po' kid...



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