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Let's just make this Caption Contest I...haha.


Tra-Knox: I don't know Will...i don't think we're comfortable playin b-ball over there...

Will: Don't worry, I'm grown up now... I got backup with me! Omar can't boss me around no more!! I'm comin'! He can't stop me! He can't stop me!
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]LOL...prince :rofl: :rofl: :slap: stop that. He didn't know their pic was being taken. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Id say: "Black Suits Coming?,...I see my military dawg tags Will borrowed, but where are the black suits?" LOL

BTW...whatever happpened to Tra Knox??? they sounded good...

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[quote=Hero1,Mar 14 2004, 07:36 AM][img]http://www.willsmith.net/images/image3.jpg[/img][/quote]
CHICO: Yo man, let's head over 2 Micky D's.

RAMONE: Yeah, i could go 4 some chicken nuggets.

FRESH PRINCE: Man, last time they didn't put enuff M&M's in my McFlurry!!

TONE: I'ma get a Big Mac myself.
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