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Radio Schedule (wanna dj?)


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heres the post for the radio schedule.. well I havent got 1 yet but we can build it :1-say-yes:

anybody else out there want to DJ?

You need to tell me what time you want to do your show. what kind of music you'll be playing. Its pretty simple to set up. you just need winamp. and the shoutcast plugin..and then i can PM you the settings for the JJFP radio.. :2thumbs:

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i wouldnt mind doing it but if i did it would be more of an RnB show tho. Heres some artists i have so i can see if any1 likes the list.


Destinys child


Janet Jackson

Micheal Jackson



ll cool j


Wyclef jean

R Kelly


John legend

Tatyana Ali


Alicia Keys


Wicked Wisdom

u get the picture, im sure ppl would be more into hip hop on this site than my list tho. Im getting my ipod 2moro so hopefully i'll have all my CDs on computer soon. The time i'd be able to do would be 9pm Uk time, 3pm eastern us (i think).

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I'd enjoy doing that. But I'd probably only deserve some obscure time or last pick or whatever, because I'd definately play the most random mix of music (JJFP, Jurassic 5, Hiero, Weezer, Cake, Barenaked Ladies, the theme song from Fraggle Rock.....). That would be quite fun tho. :gettinjiggywitit:

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hey I'd do it too I'd probally play





Joe Budden


Jay z

stuff like that I havent been round for over a month an a couple of weeks so it'd be coo yoh.. my mom finally got my comp back lemme know man!

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I'll be glad to DJ, but just put me on the weekends or on days off of school.

I'll download winamp right now

i'll play:

JJ FP(duh)

wu tang clan

Michael Jackson

some 80's music (mainly from the GTA vice city soundtrack from the station fever 105)

kid n play

biz markie

EDIT: I'll allow people to PM me and request a song and I'll play it on my next show :)

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