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Favourite Will Smith movies


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[color=blue]since we gotta do this over... :)

What are some of your favourite Will Smith movies? Here's a list of myne:

Bad Boys I
Enemy of the State
Baggar Vance
Independence Day...


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No problem..

Bad Boys 2


Bad Boys

Enemy Of State

Men in Black(And 2}

And all the movies.
I just don't get it .

Somebody just changed the sites for JJFP without even warning us..

That just made me so mad this morning.Now If I don't have anything to post, I won't be having much of the old posts to read. Does Any one know why? :afro:
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Guest Prince
I haven't seen them all, so here's my favourites from best to worst out of the ones I have seen:

Bad Boys II
Enemy of the State
Independence Day
Men in Black
Men in Black II
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Here is my favs in order (4 da moment)

1. Bad Boys
2. Bad Boys II
3. Men In Black
4. Enemy of The State
5. The Legend of Bagger Vance
6. Men In Black II
7. Independence Day
8. Ali
9. Made In America
10. Six Degrees of Seperation
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my faves in order are:

1. Wild Wild West
2. BB2
3. MIB
4. Independance day
5. BB1
6. MIB2
7. Ali
8. Enemy of the state
9. six degrees of separation.
10. Made in America.
11. the legend of baggar vance
12. Where the day takes u

as u can tell i prefer Wills funier roles, but i do like them all.
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