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hmm the gangsta look isnt sexy then? I never liked the whole wanksta thing anyway, i shall return to my woollen jumpers and long tweed skirts instead. :1-smile:

naw baby gurL.. don't do the tweed skirts... LOL :lolsign:



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I may have lost myself too Julie. But NO, I haven't.

Because only REAL MEN can have straightened hair and eye liner on and feel comfortable with it.

No painted nails though. Was also offered lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyebrow plucking and leg waxing. I had to draw the line somewhere.

I won't post any photos.

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Another Luigie posse :1-cool: :lolsign:

nice! I like how your smiling, it's your truly/natural smile, I think. You look at this photo like guy who have optimistc thinking.

Well yeah u could say i'm optimistic :wiggle:

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